July 03, 2015

Mentions of Emma Watson in the media [June 29 - July 5, 2015]

  • Emma Watson spotted at Soho House in Istanbul in June

Emma Watson out in London [July 02, 2015 ]

June 22, 2015

Quick info

I'm currently working on updating the blog with the old news. They will be posted at the date they would have been posted so they won't appear on the first page of the blog. That's why there is a little "Old Updates" in the right column where I'll post the links to the updates. You will also be informed on Twitter, as usual.

It will probably take a lot of time as I can't even start because there's so much to do, so many news and pictures to search and the blog was a mess before I even stopped it so I don't know where to start. But it'll be done, be patient ;)