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The film will premiere in September at the Toronto Film Festival

The scenes of "Colonia", the film that recreates the UP (don't know what's that) and darkness of Colonia Dignidad

The film is starring British Emma Watson ("Harry Potter") and German Daniel Brühl ("Goodbye Lenin"), with the Swedish Michael Nyqvist ("Millennium") and Paul Schäfer. To recreate the days of the Popular Unity in Santiago, the oldest neighborhoods of Buenos Aires were used, and to reproduce, after the military coup, the first arrests in the National Stadium, a football stadium in Buenos Aires that has the same caracteristics as the sport facility of Ñuñoa in the 70s.

The image of Paul Schäfer with his entourage of people in a camp frozen in time, stuck in the 40s, has remained in the memory. Like a separate country, Colonia Dignidad operated for nearly 40 years near Parral, hiding the continuous sexual abuses Schäfer was performing on minors and the support given by Pinochet to use the place as a concentration camp during the military dictatorship.

This year, the German film Colonia, directed by Florian Gallenberger, and filmed in Argentina and Luxembourg is being made. For the Argentine shooting, production service Pensa & Rocca CINE was hired. Their members were responsible for preparing everything needed to make the recordings in Buenos Aires. Miguel Angel Rocca and Daniel Pensa spoke to El Mostrador Cultura+Ciudad on all the details of the mega production.

It is a story of love and adventure, surrounded by fiction, based on a German novel about Colonia Dignidad, to build a Hollywood drama. Emma Watson is a German stewardess who travels to Chile in search of her husband, Daniel Brühl, who has been captured by Paul Schäfer and held in Villa Baviera, when it was operating as headquarters of the concentration camp during the Pinochet dictatorship.

For logistical issues the place chosen to film scenes located in Chile was Argentina. Many elements put together made the shooting in Buenos Aires easier. Among them, the most important was a series of planes from the 70s, which were part of the final scene of the film, and they were only in the neighboring country. On the other hand, the technical requirement that production needed was very specific, and could be achieved with integrity in Argentina.

This sum of things convinced its director to replace Santiago by Buenos Aires. The streets of the capital were replaced by neighborhoods of the Argentinian city, which had a certain air and similarity. The major concern was the emblematic scenes that were to be hosted at the National Stadium, which was resolved with the use of a soccer field in Buenos Aires, that dates from the 70s, to which were added images of the Stadium from then. Also the airport was partly replaced by what Ezeiza looked like in the 70s.

"It's a fiction, many times in international fictions, the historical reality is a little flexible. There's not much detail," argues one of the owners of the film production company, Miguel Angel Rocca.

A super production that features actors Watson, Brühl and Nyqvist, has a number of new challenges for those who realized the production service of one half of the film. In addition to a budget of a magnitude worthy of a mega Hollywood production.

"Personally, it was a challenge and an experience to have international actors who have particular protocol requirements and to have to deal with all that. I think this film could have done with a lot less money, but they handle a structure of a huge magnitude, it's kind of like a Hollywood structure. But we really create the same with less, because we care much more about the resources. Many trucks, a lot of logistics, much technical equipment, that's how they work, "says Rocca.

Harry Potter actress was a new element in the work of Pensa & Rocca CINE. Because of her superstar quality, she had a strict protocol everybody had to fulfil in terms of security. She was always surrounded by her team, it was also necessary to have permanent cars and a specific hotel, besides taking care that no one approached within 150 meters of the shooting.

During the month that Watson was in Buenos Aires, she didn't have much contact with the film crew. "Almost nobody interacted with her, she had an entourage who was very protective. We couldn't chat or talk to her, it was not allowed to take pictures and the few photos that were taken, she took them herself and posted them on her website, "adds Rocca.

With Brühl, the experience was totally different. From a Spanish mother and living in Germany and Barcelona, ​​the actor was managed to speak Spanish and could engage with people. One more thing, he had no security, he moved with absolute normality and took pictures with people.

The interior of Villa Baviera was recorded in Luxembourg, where a replica of the colony, based on pictures, stories and a visit by the director and Watson themselves. This is where the most violent scenes of the movie were filmed, the moments of torture the agents of the dictatorship performed on the site, also used as a concentration camp. The producers from Pensa & Rocca CINE confess not having seen these scenes, but explain that they have received comments of images quite strong.

"They know people who participated in the construction of the Colony, of the tunnels, and who still refused to give much information, they did not like to talk about it. They had to work quite hard to see where the events had happened, and came several times to Chile," says Daniel Pensa, another owner of the production service who worked on the set.

This research with two informants was essential to the film as the director Florian Gallenberger "got two people who were in the colony to work as consultants all the time and participate in the film, so I guess yes there was some serious reproduction" adds Pensa.

In this sense, the film is a fiction that takes place in Colonia Dignidad, but that doesn't use the place as the center of the story, rather it is a facilitator to create a love story. This situation explains Pensa, is to avoid expectations that have nothing to do with the reality of the story.

"The film is about adventure and a love story, it is a romantic story of a young woman who comes to save her boyfriend who was captured in Colonia Dignidad, that's the movie. It does not focus on telling the reality of Colonia Dignidad, the protagonist is a German stewardess who comes to save her German boyfriend who has been captured by the sect of Paul Schäfer and the context is Colonia Dignidad, but not the protagonist".


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UN Women Canada Works With TO2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games to Promote HeForShe Campaign

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Feb. 24, 2015) - UN Women National Committee Canada (UNWNCC) is working with the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games, through the TO2015 IGNITE program, to raise awareness about important women's issues and the UN Women's HeForShe campaign.

"This program will help us to bring even more visibility to the HeForShe movement," said UNWNCC President Almas Jiwani. "Everyone from global athletes to students, visitors to spectators will be able to lend their voice to the campaign and help to promote awareness about gender equity and the empowerment of girls and women in Canada and globally."

Over the next few months the HeForShe campaign intends to mobilize one billion men and boys as advocates and agents of change in ending the persisting inequalities faced by women and girls globally. The premise is that inequality is a human rights issue, the resolution of which will benefit everyone - socially, politically and economically.

"It's great to see the IGNITE program in action, supporting campaigns like HeForShe that strive to ensure women and girls are equal participants in sport," said TO2015 Senior Vice-President Amir Remtulla.

"It is my belief that there is a greater understanding than ever that women need to be equal participants in our homes, in our societies, in our governments, and in our workplaces. And they know that the world is being held back in every way because they are not. Women share this planet fifty-fifty and they are underrepresented, their potential astonishingly untapped." - Emma Watson, UN Women Goodwill Ambassador

To mark this campaign, the UNWNCC is hosting a panel and cocktail reception at the City Hall Rotunda on June 18th from 5:00 to 8:00 pm. To reserve a seat, contact

Quick Facts
  • The HeForShe campaign is a solidarity movement for gender equality that brings together one half of humanity in support of the other half of humanity, for the benefit of all
  • The TORONTO 2015 Pan American Games will take place from July 10 to 26 and the Parapan American Games August 7 to 15
  • The TO2015 IGNITE program enables individuals, organizations and communities to create their own special Games-themed initiative and increases awareness of existing projects
About UN Women National Committee Canada

The UN Women National Committee Canada (formerly UNIFEM Canada) was founded in 1993 with the goal of promoting equality for all women. The National Committee Canada is an independent non-governmental organization (NGO) that supports the mission of UN Women through public awareness initiatives about UN Women and global women's issues, as well as fundraising efforts to support UN Women programmes worldwide. The National Committee Canada is one of 15 National Committees worldwide. The National Committee raises the profile of UN Women and promotes its work in Canada.

Donate now! Your generosity today will provide a better tomorrow for girls and women worldwide.

Social Media: Follow the work of the UN Women National Committee Canada on Twitter @UNWomenCanada, and the search the hashtag #HeForShe and #beijing20 for updates on our ongoing campaigns.

About UN Women's HeForShe and IMPACT 10X10X10 Campaigns:

HeForShe is a solidarity movement for gender equality. Gender equality was at one time a struggle for women by women but now is the time for this to change. A movement is building around the world that sees men taking a stronger stand on equality. Canada currently has over 13,000 men who have committed to furthering gender equality within our country.

IMPACT 10X10X10 aims to add corporations, governments, universities and grassroots organizations into the growing movement of equality. Gender equality benefits everyone. IMPACT 10X10X10 builds on HeForShe as a movement that seeks gender equality advocates in every sphere of influence.

  • Cosmopolitan listed "15 Times Emma Watson bossed it on Twitter":

Shutting down rumours and fighting for women's rights in 140 characters or less.

Total goddess and queen of our hearts, Emma Watson and comedy legend, Steve Carell are Twitter pals now. And their latest communication is just the cutest thing ever.

While she wasn’t at The Oscars herself, probs because she’s too fighting down gender barriers, Em sent Steve a handwritten message of support – via Twitter – after she noticed he was wearing He For She cufflinks in support of her equality campaign on the red carpet. Because they’re both the effing best.

Last week, the rumour mill went into overdrive when Woman's Day ran a report that Emma Watson and Prince Harry had been "enjoying secret dates" together .

But Emma shut down the rumour. Just like that. And with an Emoji!

Then she reminded the world that you don't need no man to be royalty.

When she gave solid advice to fans for #HeForShe:

But her best advice was her simplest.

When she weighed in on the celebrity nude photo hacking scandal.

And LOLed in the face of those Fifty Shades of Grey rumours.

When she tried to convince Harry Styles to watch her movie.

And succeeded.

When she wasn't shy about sharing her accomplishments.

When she replied to a fan, who’s account is now deleted, on Twitter who said "I cry myself to sleep because I don’t look like @emwatson".

When she was just as confused by printers as us.

When she liked Anna Kendrick's song and then forgot to reply to her offer to bring cups.

When she was willing to give up chocolate for the greater good.

Yeah, she wins.

  • Grazia UK's Most Inpirational Woman of the Decade:

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Grazia UK created a poll for people to name their most inspirational women in different categories. Emma topped the entertainment one, followed by Adele and Beyoncé.

Also, Grazia UK's editor-in-chief picked her 10 favourites covers until now. One of them is Emma's.

Issue 227: Emma Watson
"For me, this perfectly encapsulates a Grazia cover – a stylish person of the week (this was Emma Watson’s breakout moment), of-the-week fashion news, some bonkers beauty feature (‘the bath salts that soak away 5lbs’) and a breaking A-list news story, with the most emotional picture of the week."

Who is your style icon?
Audrey Hepburn, Emma Watson and Debbie Harry.

After three Academy Awards wins last Sunday, Whiplash's director, Damien Chazelle gave new interviews and talked about La La Land, in which Emma was said to have a role.

We’re in sort of pre-prep, and the shoot itself is later in the year—fall. It’s set in contemporary L.A., but it’s very much an homage to that kind of Technicolor, Cinemascope, ’50s musical—A Star is Born, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, It’s Always Fair Weather. Miles is the lead, and we’re still casting the rest. Nothing else [in the cast] is certain. We’ve been scouting the past few months and choreographing and putting the final touches on the music.

He was more specific to the LA Times about the start of the filming:

We’re going to start shooting [the musical romantic comedy "La La Land"] in September or October. I’m definitely ready to get back to real work. You start to really feel a little weird when you’ve spent this long talking about work you did in the past and not about work you’re doing in the present. I’m really excited to make something else.
Emma will be should have been at the Elle Style Awards, tonight, February 24.

The ceremony will start at 7pm GMT (20h heure française) and will end at 11pm (minuit heure française).

EDIT: Emily Drew, Emma's trainer, confirms that Emma was sick yesterday and couldn't attend the ceremony:

A fan, a few hours before was already talking about it (and I didn't believe it at all, my bad. But I had reasons.)

According to a student there, the university sent them an email to tell them the two actresses would come to NEOMA Business School, in Rouen, for Woman's Day.


Last night, during the Oscars, actors Steve Carell and Jake McDorman showed their support to the campaign 'He For She' of the United Nations Women and Emma Watson, by wearing #HeForShe cufflinks. Those cufflinks were designed by Emma herself and made by Monique Péan.

Here's what they look like:

And here are the handwritten notes from Emma to Steve Carell and Jake McDorman:

Emma also showed her support to Patricia Arquette for her feminist speech when she accepted her "Best Supporting Actress" award:

Two fans (emmawatsonupdate, and emmaa.watsonn) sent DMs to Emily asking her to show Emma their edits. Emily did and Emma gave her opinion.

The first one is from yesterday, proving both Emma and Emily were together. The second one is from today. I don't if they were together or if she showed it to her via message or who knows what else.