February 17, 2013


I'm sure you noticed that it's been a few months that the blog is not regularly updated anymore. The reason behind that is that I don't like my blog anymore. I find it too simple, not any different than any other blog about Emma, and it's not fun for me anymore to take care of it. So I finally decided to stop it. It's the 3rd time that I take this decision, but I think this time it's really over.

For the news, I have no other source than Google and the Pottershots, and aEW forums.

For the pictures, here are the galleries I generally check:

Thanks a ton to all the visitors and regular commenters. I don't know yet about the Facebook page, but I'll still be on Pottershots, Twitter, and Tumblr.

See you around.

P.S.: The comments are back to moderation, I don't want any fight or anything negative to be published on this last article.

February 08, 2013

Emma Watson in Elle France March 2013

No new pictures inside. Translated interview by me. Credit if you use please.

Elle: You participated to the creation of the new line In Love. Can you tell us a quick word about it?
EW: I wear a lot of makeup while working and a bit in my daily life. I wanted soft colours, a tinted lip balm, a rose-coloured blush for my pale skin, a mattifying spray that would allow me to avoid the powder... Something soft, that'd look like me.

Elle: On the contrary, in the next Sofia Coppola movie, 'The Bling Ring', you play a bimbo from LA who uses too much makeup!
EW: Yes, they put on me fake tan and all! I had to wear Uggs, a push up bra and Juicy Couture joggings. We could see the straps of my bra, which I hate, and I even took pole dance classes... I was horrified! But it was fun to be a bad girl. In real life, I don't really have the space for that.

Elle: Being at ease with the idea that if you refuse a role, another one will come, is it the key to your balance?
EW: Absolutely! It's true it's terrifying to refuse things, but you have to be confident and know your priorities, because if you say yes to everything, it doesn't really mean anything in the end, you're not really committed in anything, and you don't preserve what's more important: time and space for your real life, to take care of yourself. If you don't do that, things will fall down very quickly. This business can eat your soul if you don't pay attention, so you have to go slowly. What you'll give will never be enough, so you can only do your best while knowing that the public and the directors will always want more.

Elle: What are your priorities?
EW: To take the time to have my own life. When I'm filming, I very easily work 14 hours per day, and the weekend I rest.Doing films after films without any break is dangerous. Little by little, you forget about the daily life, you shut yourself away, you neglect your social life, you lose contact with your family. You isolate yourself, and the more it goes, the harder it is to stop working because you're scared of the emptiness. What to do of your free time when it all stops? I'm really aware of this, I pay attention to not arrive to the point where I'll be afraid of stoping filming.

Elle: When we're an actress, doesn't it ask lots of efforts to keep in contact with reality?
EW: Terribly! If one of the reasons why I wanted to go to university. How to play someone who goes to the self-laundry shop or who takes the bus if I have no idea whay is the life outside the set? I'm doing films since I was 9. Everyday I fight to walk instead of taking the car, to go to look for a glass of water by myself, to do this or that by myself. People want to wrap you in bubblewrap. You're a merchandise after all, and they want to keep you nice and warm where they can see you and where nothing can happen to you, within easy reach if they need you to work. When you realise that, you have to defend yourself and say: "I understand that it makes your life easier, but it makes me live mine through a bulletproof glass." Therefore, as a teenager, if I've been rebel, it was to refuse to be treated like a china doll. It's good to be considered as a real person.

Elle: Does literature held to do new experiences?
EW: Yes! Obviously I read lots of scripts and books. I love Just Kids by Patti Smith, I'm finishing reading Norwegian Wood by Murakami. I love poets, William Blake for example, but also philosophical tales like The Prophet by Khalil Gibran. Sometimes I travel so much that I don't know what it is anymore, what day of the week it is or which country we're in. You have to find a way to come back down. So I read, and I try to meditate. It was really hard at first, my whole being was resisting, I could barely stand still 2 minutes without feeling the need to do something - reading, listening to music, distracting myself in one way or another. But it has really been something for me that was definitely worth it.

Elle: Stephen Chbosky, the director of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, said in the US Elle that he felt that success gave you some sort of depth, but also a bit of loneliness. Do you understand why he saw that in you?
EW: Yes, celebrity can isolate you terribly. People see you as different from them, not human in some way. While growing up it was not easy. At school, we all want to be like everybody else, so everything that make you different is hard to talk about.When I was younger, I dreamt of blending in, to go unnoticed. And then, while growing up, I learnt to appreciate my singularity et this fame that allows me to chose to work in amazing movies.

Elle: Are you a cinema star or an actress?
EW: It's funny, I don't recognise myself at all in the expression "cinema star". I like it better when we highlight what I do rather than muy fame, so I prefer people to talk about me as an actress for sure.

February 01, 2013

Old memories: Emma Watson at the very first Harry Potter premiere, and other events

4 November 2001, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone London Premiere:

13 February 2011, BAFTAs Ceremony:

7 July 2011, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 London Premiere:

Credit: Flickr
Source: Laura @Pottershots

First sneak peek at Emma Watson's wax self

One of Britain’s brightest young stars is to be honoured with a wax figure at Madame Tussauds London in March, when Emma Watson joins the A-list line up dressed exclusively for the attraction by Elie Saab.

The accomplished 22 year old actress and fashion muse will be portrayed in a relaxed seated position, enabling fans to sit right alongside her on a luxurious chaise longue. She will wear a stunning ELIE SAAB Haute Couture design donated to Madame Tussauds London by the designer. Watson wowed the crowds when she sported the midnight blue backless full-skirted cocktail dress, embroidered with beads and crystals at a red carpet event in Hong Kong in December 2011. Her hair will be swept back in a casually elegant up ‘do’ and she will compliment the dress with patent navy heals.

Emma is the perfect addition to the A-list line up here at Madame Tussauds London and is one of the most requested personalities by our guests,” commented PR Manager Nicole Fenner. “She’s a true English rose known and loved by millions of film and fashion fans around the world. We are also very lucky to be working with Elie Saab who is donating the stunning gown Emma will wear. She will feel right at home among a host of other glamorous personalities and we know she will be a huge hit with all our guests!

Emma will be joining a long line up of A-list female stars from Kate Winslet and Helen Mirren to Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez.

Be the first to meet the new Emma Watson figure and get the best savings on tickets by booking online!
Source text: MadameTussauds
Source photo: Twitter

Fan picture + Sneaky picture of Emma Watson

11 July 2011

Credit: Twitter

5 November 2011

Credit: Blogspot

January 31, 2013

Emma Watson will be joining Madame Tussaud's museum in March

WANT to have your photograph taken with Harry Potter star Emma Watson?

Well, you can. Almost.

The 22-year-old will be joining the likes of Dame Helen Mirren and Kate Winslet as a waxwork at Madame Tussauds in London from March.

“Emma is one of the most requested personalities by our guests,” says PR manager Nicole Fenner. “She’s a true English rose.”

Emma will be modelled sitting on a chaise longue so that fans can snap themselves sitting next to the British star. She will be dressed for the red carpet in an Elie Saab dress that she wore in 2011.

Form an orderly queue, Potter fans.
Source: Express

Emma wore 2 Elie Saab dresses in 2011:

January 28, 2013

[Sneaky picture] Emma Watson at The Duck & Bunny, Providence [27 January]


Sorry for the bad quality but OH MY GOD WHAT IS LIFE

I am secretly fan girling about @EmWatson in duck and bunny right now... ���� let me love you


Emma Watson just said the f word i guess Hermione is all grown up!!!

Good thing her date was talking about his girlfriend so I can still date her


Credit photo1 + text: Twitter
Via Jopley @Pottershots;
Credit photo2: Instagram

January 24, 2013

[Sneaky picture] Emma Watson bartens for a night at NYC restaurant [20 January 2013]

Oh girls, we got an exclusive, so get a change of pants ready in case you need them. The ever-adorable Emma Watson was spotted guest-bartending at a restaurant in Manhattan the other night, aka two of my dearest loves have just converged: bourbon and Hogwarts. She doesn’t work there on a regular basis, what with the starring in hit movies and making me wish I was best friends with her thing, but she’s apparently good friends with the bartender, so she asked him to let her pour some drinks and he of course obliged. As all people and things should do when Emma Watson asks something of them. “Can I star as Hermione Granger in your movie?” Yes, Emma. “Can I break some health codes and pour some glasses of wine at a bar where I don’t work?” Yes Emma. “Can I look good in a pixie cut?” But of course, Emma.

You can see her in the semi-grainy cell phone picture above, where she seems to be holding a bottle of bitters. So…I’ll assume she’s in the process of making me a Manhattan. Extra cold, extra cherry please! And according to the gent who took the picture, the scene surrounding its surreptitious snapping when a little something like this:

Source: “Since when did you let ladies back behind the bar?”

Bartender: “Ha. Yeah, she’s pretty cool.”

Source: “She’s pretty cute. I bet she gets this all the time, but she’s a total Emma Watson doppelgänger.

Bartender: “Hahaha. Shhhhh…”

Other Patron: “Hey Emma, can I get another glass of wine?”

Source: “Ohhhhh…”

So yeah! We don’t know about the whole ‘letting ladies behind the bar’ thing — perhaps this establishment is aware that women have notoriously shaky wine-pouring hands and weak wrists that cannot support bottles — but regardless we wish we’d been there! Thank you to my friend for the tip! I’m keeping him and the bar nameless just so they don’t have annoying people bothering them looking for an autograph. But keep your eyes open, folks, in case Emma shows up at a bar near you. Just don’t order butterbeer. Such a rookie mistake.
Source: Crushable

More pictures of Emma Watson for Lancôme

Photoshoot by Alexi Lubomirski

Sources: Facebook1 , Facebook2

Blanc Expert, and UV Expert

Sources: Premiere, Awake