June 18, 2018

Emma Watson to film an interview with Reni Eddo-Lodge in July

Emma Watson Gallery weekly update

June 10, 2018


WOOHOO! Finally done! I've been spending hours after hours every day for almost a week tracking down all the broken pictures in all the articles of my blog. Now there shouldn't be any problem anymore. There are still lots of videos that are not available anymore (mostly from deleted videos from Youtube), but yours truly didn't think about making screencaps so I have no idea what some videos are about. But it'll have to wait as I'm about to start the "gallery". Here's the link: https://emmawatson-photogallery.blogspot.com/

It's completely empty for now, I haven't even started to work on what it'll look like yet (not good, that you can be sure of), but I very soon will.

Also, it's really frustrating that in almost half a year, only 40 articles have been posted here because of the lack of news. I should probably start the "Emma's mentions in the media" articles again.