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[David] Heyman smiles and says all three of the young Harry Potter stars had something of their film characters within themselves. Radcliffe is a thoroughly decent person, always keen to do the right thing; Grint is the laidback product of a large, loving family; and Watson is fiercely intelligent. ‘Even though at the beginning she was in denial about it, she’s come round to acknowledge that,’ Heyman says fondly.

He is working with Watson again, on Queen of the Tearling, a possible new franchise based around the fantasy novel by Erika Johansen.

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Edit [November 23]:
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There are apparently 900 pictures of this shoot.
Source: Emma Watson Daily, Emma Watson Love
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The artist is Yves Scherer.

Each Emma statue is suited to a slightly different taker. One is pristinely white, save for a scribbled signature. Another is lightly splattered with pink paint, wears stockings, and has its face made up to look like an anime character. A pale pink statue's nightgown appears to have just slipped off its shoulder, the floor around it marked numerous times with “#heforshe," the hashtag for Watson's recently-launched campaign for UN Women. A copper-covered Emma has been crated, the boxes interior padded with sound dampening foam and a fan installed on its side as if the shipper was worried she might expire without fresh air. A fifth sculpture, also copper or bronze, stands in a lily pond outside the curtain that's meant to form the door to Scherer's created-home in pure bourgeois fashion, despite the pond having been created with cheap, utilitarian carpet.

It would take a rather astute Watson aficionado to immediately recognize that the sculptures depict the actress. In strict terms, they don't. To create them, Scherer scoured the web, pulling hundreds of recent images of the actress—a partial archive of the photos has replaced the gallery's website for the duration of the show—to create a three-dimensional digital model of her based on an “average" of those images that could then be brought to life using a 3D printer.

The works' jumping off points are numerous. It's as good a critique of Google and Facebook's averaging effect on what was once a utopian vision of an infinitely diverse internet, as it is a takedown of our weirdly-intimate relationships with celebrity, with Instagram delivering a by-the-minute diary of famous strangers' private lives (the classic paparazzi photos on the wall recall just how distant that relationship used to be only ten years ago.)

If the exhibition could be misread, it would be as a direct commentary on female exploitation and objectification. Its press materials make passing reference to the trolls who threatened to expose nude photos of Watson following the HeForShe announcement. And though, of course, that context is unable to be excluded from any analysis of the show now, the sculptures were started long before—one was shown at Art Berlin Contemporary, which took place the week before the initiative's launch.

Like the tatami mats, the choice of Emma Watson was, if I had to guess, one based on the artist's personal taste and perhaps the fact that, more than most entertainment notables, there's nothing particularly bad or even controversial that one can say about the 24-year-old actress-cum-model. But there are others who could have taken her place—men too.

Apparently the artist met Emma:
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Other pictures from the galerie:
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  • Emma is #18 of Box Office Mojo, which tracks the box office revenues (not the actors' earnings). That makes her the second woman of the list, behind Cameron Diaz, and the first under the age of 30.

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  • Women in Film: Hollywood's Fall Report Card
A to Emma Watson for the inspirational speech she delivered at the UN (to a standing ovation), calling for more men to join the fight for gender equality with a new campaign called HeForShe. One hundred points to Gryffindor!

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HQ scanned by me (credit the blog for it, thank you):
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She visited children at the Great Ormond Children's Hospital last year, on December 11, to bring them presents. Here are 2 new pictures with a little girl called Maya.

Because the chemo is very strong and toxic Maya started to lose more weight and become more and more tired.
We had lovely visitor at Great Ormond Hospital, *Emma Watson*, Maya was too tired to show her happiness.

If you want to know more about Maya, visit: Maya's Cancer
Source: Pottershots

The picture was taken by Andrea Carter Bowman. Emma is with with her stylist, Sarah.

Credit: Andrea Carter Bowman
Source: Reddit
Source: Pottershots