April 06, 2010

Emma Watson to the gym at Brown


Anonymous said...

Are you sure it's Emma?

Eden said...

That's what the guy who took the picture says and it totally looks like her I think.

Lola said...

tu sais quand la photo a été prise ?

Anonymous said...

who gives such photos with the university?

Anonymous said...

Eden, what is it about seeing pictures like this that thrills you so much? Emma Watson has lots of real fans, but you and the other stalkers who love this junk are CRAZY OBSSESSED. Your lives must be really dreary.

Patricia said...

Eden , j'ai trouvée sur twitter une personne au nom LukasDiSparrow qui a posté des messages comme par exemple : shower film bed wake up at 3:30 am and hit to the set of HP7 part2 ou encore Already In HP costume... C'est un figurant du film ? Car je l'ai jamais vu auparavant. Et là il y a quelques minutes il dit qu'aujourd'hui il va faire un shooting avec emma watson aux états unis. Tu penses que c'est vrai?

The Phoenix Rising said...

Stalking. It's stalking. Not cool.

Eden said...

To the last anonymous: where do you see that I like this picture? Do you see any comment that I made about it? No. Why? Because I don't care. People want to see it, I post it. It's been a little while I think since I commented a stalker picture. People change, this site won't. Even if I don't care anymore about these kind of pictures, people are expecting this site to have them, and I have no remorse to post them as I'm not the one who take them. And my life is perfect the way it is, thanks to worry.

Patricia: Je pense que cette personne est un grand rêveur ^^ J'aurais pu le croire si tu ne m'avais pas parlé du commentaire à propos d'un shoot avec Emma aux USA.

Patricia said...

Merci pour ta réponse =)
Et ton site est génial merci pour toutes ces infos. Bonne continuation =D

The Phoenix Rising said...
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The Phoenix Rising said...

The question is would you want someone talking pictures like this of you? Admiring her is cool but stalking is not. There are lines you don't cross for a reason and this is one of them.

All she is doing is working out. I don't understand the infatuation. It is silly to me because at the end of day Emma is no different than you or I. She's human and deserves privacy in her personal life.

This is not a HP event, burberry, people tree or a cocktail party. It's a girl working out and that is no different from any other girl who wants to take care of her body.

That's my opinion.

Eden said...

Did I take this picture? Did I ever ask anyone to take a picture of Emma if they see/meet her? No. If you (the persons who don't want to see private pictures of Emma) want to lecture someone, do it to the owners of the pictures, not me.

megxo said...

dont deny it guys.
You all want too see these types of pictures.
If you didnt you wouldnt come to this site.
Yeah its wrong, but it intresting too see these types of pics.


Anonymous said...

But you ar a Fan right?fans aren't doing that,just to let you know that.Fans respect that Emma HATES private Pics from her in the Web and the People who uploads these.

You don't even know,wether the Guy is saying the Truth.I have seen a Girl who looks exactly like Emma,but she isn't Emma.There can be a lot Girls out there,who looks like her from Hair,Body etc.There's no really Proof

Emma should go to the People,who took private Pics of her and saying some things to them about respect someone.
And no I don't want to see this Pics,I just saw,that someone posted it on Twitter and thought enough is enoug with private Pics,that's not a Fanpage about Emma anymore,if this continue.

Anonymous said...

Don't you get it?Uploading private Pics is not better.You don't respect her private Life,like these Guy,who took the Pic (without Proof,like someone said it already)

You are making this just worse.The Pic is in the Web now and if you are saying now "other People uploading this too"
Yeah,cause other People are doing that,you must doing that too,of course and it's not just uploading private pics,writing private News without Proofs is the same.
Good that there are Fansites which you can trust,like emmawatson.net

Eden said...

No I'm not what I call a fan. I'm not an anti at all either.

And I'm making it worse?! "The Pic is in the Web now", well it was in the web at the moment the guy put it on Twitter. TWITTER!!! Don't tell me that I'm the one who spreads this picture. My blog compared to Twitter is nothing. And I'm not saying to the others to post it too. People are more clever than you seem to think, they have their own judgement and if they find it too disrespectful they won't post it, it's not complicated.

And yeah, emmawatson.net is so much better, you can't say anything negative about Emma or dozens of persons call you jealous. At least in this blog (and other sites or blogs of course) you can say what you want (without insults). I respect the fact that some people don't like these kind of pictures, I don't like those who lecture me. I'm old enough to know what I'm doing.

The Phoenix Rising said...

I come here because Eden does post legitimate stuff related to her work. People don't like train crashes but as they drive by they look. It's the same thing. And I'm not a fan. I am more of a "Omg Emma is the most beautiful woman in teh world" follower and I like the images Eden posts.

Phoenix <--- Dork, but honest one =)

The Phoenix Rising said...

But like I said with the Heathrow airport and brown pics I find it distasteful and has no bearing on what she does even thought the one where he arms are crossed scowling at the paps is so damn cute. That's the only exception. LOL

Anonymous said...

“People want to see it, I post it”.
What a PATHETIC reason for what you do here.

“I'm old enough to know what I'm doing”.
Are you also old enough to understand that you’re a stalker?

Eden said...

I'm old enough to know that you seem to have no idea what a real stalker is.

Anonymous said...

je ne comprends pas pourquoi si vous naimez pas voir des photos privés ou candids vous venez sur ce site.
Watson uncensored ca dit bien ce que cela dit! Regardez Iheartwatson ou emmawatson.net si vous n'aimez pas ca!

Anonymous said...

"Did I take this picture? Did I ever ask anyone to take a picture of Emma if they see/meet her? No. If you (the persons who don't want to see private pictures of Emma) want to lecture someone, do it to the owners of the pictures, not me."

Eden, people take pictures like these just because people like you post them on their websites.

With posting (and sharing) the pics, you give your approval of this kind of disrespecting Emma's privacy.

Rumors, airport-pictures, walking around London (aka PUBLIC pictures) are somewhat okay, but these private ones... i do think it should stop. The girl only wants some privacy. We should at least respect that.

danim75 said...

If you don't like it, don't come here. Eden is free to post whatever she wants. I am not even a fan of Emma Watson, but she is a celebrity and has to pay the price.

If you want to reprimand someone, go for the person who took the picture.

Kyndrasaur said...

people act as if you took these pictures,
they're stupid.

Anonymous said...

how stupid are you!!!!
Eden do exactly what she wants!!
If you are not old enough to understand that, go away!
It's very easy!

Anonymous said...

If you are a Emma Fan,you know what she would say about this Page.If you are still happy to upload Stalkerphotos,writing private News and Rumors,it's your Life
If you don't respect the private Life,this is already one Sign that you aren't a real Fan.So no wonder,that you doesn't call yourself a Fan

I just can say that and if you have such a Passion to upload these Things,well don't be surprised to get critic,because many believe that is a Fanpage until they are seeing the Pics

The stupid People are just these,who doesn't understand what is a Fanpage and what it means respect a private Life,sorry.If you think I'm speaking to you,you know why.
Someone wrote already,to upload these Pics is not btter than the Guy who took these.
You aren't maybe a Fan,but there are many who are and hates such Sites without respect.So like I said,don't be surprised to get critic

Anonymous said...

You are on Youtube,right?Can I ask you two Questions?
Why are you on Youtube if you can't call yourself a Fan? To get many subcribers?
Why are you making the Site,if you can't call yourself Fan?
Do you have nothing to do?I really want to know that.And I don't want to hear "Yeah,maybe I'm a little bit Fan" or something like that.

I know you from Youtube and I subcribed to you,but not anymore.You can't call yourself a Fan,so I don't know why you are making the Sites.
And you aren't allowed to call yourself a Fan either with these Site.So say please the Reason.If you aren't a Fan,why do you spend Time for that?

Eden said...

"Eden, people take pictures like these just because people like you post them on their websites" I think people take pictures like these because they're proud to have met a celebrity. And maybe some of them want to have some attention too.

"I just can say that and if you have such a Passion to upload these Things,well don't be surprised to get critic,because many believe that is a Fanpage until they are seeing the Pics" How can you know that I like to post these kind of pictures anymore? There is a reason why I wanted to stop this site weeks ago. I could just stop posting these pictures if I don't like it anymore, but people are expecting from a blog called watsonUNCENSORED to see more than we usually do on a casual blog. This blog exists for people, if nobody wants to see private pictures I will be glad to stop to post them.

And my last video on Youtube dates from 2 months ago, my videos are posted on this blog now, I'm not using Youtube anymore. And I began this site one year ago. People who don't have a site or a blog don't seem to understand that having one is taking a responsability towards people. Look at OhMyWatson, everybody loved it before, they only had compliments. Since they stoped their site, lots of people are insulting them. I just try to please people, but nobody can please everybody.

Smilla said...

Eden,j'aime beaucoup ton site et j'y viens tout les jours pour voir s'il y a des nouveautés.Franchement si je voulais du subjectif j'irais sur emmmawatson.net.
Les autres n'ont qu'à passer leur chemin.
Bonne continuation xx

Eden said...

Merci Smilla :)

The Phoenix Rising said...

All I know is I am here for the ladies and the wine. And we're out of the wine..... LOL... I haven't seen this much drama on the net since the Emma Watson photo-shop leg gate of 2010 that ranked right up there with "Who framed Roger Rabbit".

I disagree with the photo but people are taking it personal as if it is them in teh photo. It's BS and I agree but BREATH people breath. It's the internet! Complaing won't change anything. It's always going to happen as long as some idiot has a camera and no life. =)

The Phoenix Rising said...

Now with that being said.... Who is down for a game of hokey pokey?

Anonymous said...

If you are a Fan or not,that's not the Point

If you are a Fan >>> you don't respect her private Life
If you aren't a Fan >>> you don't respect her private Life
take private Photos or upload them >>>not big difference,you don't respect her private life.
At the End it's the Same

If you want to continue the Site just for People who want to see private Pics of Emma,well it's your Life.There are a lot of Poeple in the Web who want to copy or save the private Pics.You must be happy with that and the Critic from Fans.

That are the Fact's
It's all said now

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with the last comment. It is true. no matter if you are or are not fan of her, you are disrespecting her privacity. And since tou created this blog it means you know ·something" about Emma otherwise it wouldn't exist, so you should know SHE HATES sites like this and people who upload private photos of her. I know she is a celebrity but she also needs P-R-I-V-A-C-I-T-Y.

You clearly don't know the meaning of that word and you are more of the thousands of people who promote disrespect.

Eden said...

I know what privacy means and I know that I disrespect it by posting these pictures, but I also know that I could tell more about Emma than I actually do. It's just pictures. I never talked about the emails she shared with her ex, I never talked about her previous relationships before Jay. So yes, I disrespect her privacy, but I also have limits, it could be worse, trust me.

Jess said...

Please people get a life and stop annoying others..

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think this is a lot of fuss over nothing! Its the consequence of being an actress. If preserving her privacy were her utmost priority, then she should become a lawyer or a doctor. But she can't have her cake and eat it too. She cannot expect to be a successful and famous actress and to lend her name to brands like People Tree whilst live a life uninterrupted by these sorts of things. The two go hand in hand. Its always been the case, be it with the celebs of old, like Joan Collins or those of today. People were always delving into their lives and writing about them, its just modern technology makes it much easier today. And even those of you who sit on your moral high-horse and condemn this sort of thing are adding fuel to the fire simply by visiting the site. Its the pitfall or the consequence of fame. And as much as I think that Emma is a great role model for young girls, I think she is quite arrogant to expect the rules to be different for her whilst pursuing what she wants to.

Anonymous said...

i like to know she works out & how she gets her stomach the way it is. now ill do more of that pose. dose that kill you?

Anonymous said...

Your lucky that you go to school with her