August 10, 2010

[RUMOUR DENIED] Emma Watson in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo?

EMMA WATSON's dodgy new barnet is more than a ropey fashion statement - it's an attempt to land the biggest vacant role in Hollywood.
The actress is screen-testing for the lead in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, based on the best-selling STIEG LARSSON novel.

And just like her Harry Potter character Hermione Granger, she's leaving nothing to chance to land the gig as computer hacker Lisbeth Salander.

Emma shocked fans last week when she showed off a new pixie hairstyle.

And a movie insider said: "Emma has auditioned with director DAVID FINCHER and cut her hair to look the part.

"The character of Lisbeth is a misfit goth-type girl with spikey hair."

The role of Lisbeth is the biggest female role on offer in Hollywood at the moment.

Whoever gets the part will be contracted to three films. So I can see why Emma's pulled out all the stops to try and bag it.

For posh Emma it would be a big contrast to straight-laced Hermione.

Salander ends up in some outrageous sex scenes with men and women, including a graphic and violent bedroom scene.

Emma, who is studying at Brown University in America, faces serious competition for the coveted role though.

Other actresses linked to the part include ELLEN PAGE, NATALIE PORTMAN, CAREY MULLIGAN and KRISTEN STEWART.

Despite her studies, Emma is looking for a new acting job.

She finished the final Harry Potter movie in London in June.

Emma announced her new look to the world on Facebook and wrote: "Cut my hair off a few days ago. Feels incredible . . . It's the most liberating thing ever."

Emma was able to change her look after being dropped as the face of designer Burberry in favour of model and actress ROSIE HUNTINGTON-WHITELEY.

Whoever does win the part of Lisbeth will be acting alongside DANIEL CRAIG, who will play journalist Mikael Blomkvist.

Hermione Granger and James Bond in bed together. Who'd have thunk it...



Anonymous said...

This movie is already out for ages.

Anonymous said...

Not the american version of it... and as much as i love emma, david fincher needs a very good actress for this masterpiece

Osoe said...

I really hope it's true and that she will get it. But I also think that if Fincher need one of the other actresses for the role.

But I prey she'll get it, for the sacks of seeing her doing something new.

Osoe said...


Osoe said...

Heu, je viens de trouver ça :

Ca détruit un peu la rumeur. Non ?

Anonymous said...

[quote] Anonymous said...

Not the american version of it...[/quote]

Tu as ta réponse deux posts plus haut

Osoe said...

Oups. Sorry, j'ai pas chercher très loin.

If she is among the people wanting the role and if she get it, it will be totaly amazing to see her play this role. Maybe she'll have to wear fake piercing too, it would be quiete amazing and so out-of-character. I'd love that.