September 13, 2010

Emma Watson chilling at Brown University


Anonymous said...

bOnjOur!! How did you get the picture?

Eden said...

Bonjour! :D You have to click on 'Credit' to see where I got it ;)

The Phoenix Rising said...

Eh, I'd have to put this in a category of lame. It's sneaky paparattzi stalking to me. In a way, it's undermining her right to privacy.

It's more like a principled thing with me that is based on respect for her and whatever little privacy she has. The person who took this pic is a douche.

But it is what it and It will never change.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the twitpic shouldn't have been taken or posted.
The name on the poster's Twitter account is NOT in the Brown University directory (you can search it on the Brown website).
Obviously some outside visitor to the campus dining room, which is open to the public, took the picture. If you read his other tweets, he's a jerk.

Kristen S said...

her hand is up her shirt this dude should have waited to take the pic no one wants to see Emma with her hand up her shirt.

to much Emma for me. no thank you.