September 26, 2010

Emma Watson on Brown University campus

Elle revenait de sport. Pas de news dans l'article.


Sources: NOTW, DM


osoe said...

Wow, elle ressemble vraiment à un mec sur cette première photo.

Marie said...

It would be so good ,if you would stop posting Paparazzi Photos or Photos who have nothing to do in the Internet,because it's private for her.

Because I can see you respect Emma,but then I see Brown Photos.
and you know Brown is private Life for Emma and she hate Photos of her private Life in the Internet
There are sadly enough People who upload these at many Forums.

If you respect her,then you know what I mean.Would be so good,if Emma would see these Photos here from her own,that she can tell you a few Things

Marie said...

and of course it would be good,if someone tell you what "private Things" and "Respect" means,that these Words have much to do with eachother.
You didn't take all these Photos maybe,but you have still no right to post these

Anonymous said...

Brown is not private for her, she is talking about it all the time.... before to be sure to enter in this university..... so privacy... NO!

Anonymous said...

omg! private? what are you talking about? she's public person and she understand that someone will take her pictures. students or papz, nevermind. this is papz photos! and of course this posted everywhere. it's not a big deal to post it here. we all Emma's fans and want to see something new from her. if you don't like it, then press the red button.


Anonymous said...

I saw you at the already.Seems like you are searching trough Sites for Photos oflike these of Emma
uhmm,but I'm just looking sometimes at the Forum,I'm not really a Forum Fan

to another anonymous: she means the other Photos her too,there are Photos here on this Site,which are not Paparazzi Photos.I don't think Emma would understand posing these or like it and not all Fans want to see this,because private is private and they know Emma don't really want to share it with her Fans

Anonymous said...

This looks for me more like a Fansite and Fansites with Paparazzi or private Photos are getting always a bit or more critic.I think the Owner of these Page must know that and can just accept it.
Fans know she doesn't like these Photos.That's the Reason why she is looking almost always angry at Paparazzis,like in one of these here too and other Photos,whcih are not from Paparazzis,are of course private Photos,which she has a right for to live it in Peace and without Fans

I can understand what Anonymous means with "she would understand" but I just think it's a Different to posing them on News Sites or Fansites

Pottershots,yes I heard of it at at Comments at one of the News.It was a while ago.But it didn't sound very nice.Paparazzi Forum or private Photos or whatever it was (sorry I don't know it exactly anymore)