October 05, 2010

David Yates about Hermione's torture and Jany Temime about Hermione's red dress

David Yates:
There’s this torturing with Bellatrix. Emma was really keen to do this torturing scene. I said, It will be really great. We have to be really careful of how we do it.” [Emma] completely gave herself to the process. What we did was we set up a couple of cameras and Helena got on top of Emma. Basically she was writing ‘mudblood’ on her arm. She was scoring it into her skin.

We just let the whole thing roll for about three or four minutes. In that three or four minutes there were some good bits, and some not so good. There were one or two really powerful bits where Emma was able to just let go a little bit and forget that she was acting. She’s still acting, but she lost herself in this process for a moment. The screams were quite horrible to listen to. On the stage, everyone felt uncomfortable. Everyone just sort of stepped back a bit. It was a very odd energy in the room because she was kind of exploring - exorcising demons really - and serving the scene in doing that. It was really interesting.

Jany Temime:
Emma Watson went from a child to a teenager to an older teenager, but all the time she kept in mind that she was Hermione. She never asked me for more glamorous clothes. Even when we were doing our cocktail dress, the red dress – she knew that it had to be Hermione’s dress and not something that she would wear herself. [It] would be more simple, and it shouldn’t be as glamorous or as fashionable; something that Hermione would wear. She’s good, she’s a good girl.
Source: Snitchseeker

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