November 12, 2010

Emma Watson and Alberta Ferretti working together on a fair trade range and more

Interview with Snitchseeker:
_ She took pictures of Mia Farrow to the hairdresser
_ Her dad told her not to get carried away
_ Shooting the epilogue at Kings Cross was stressful. They needed more
time. It is being re-done at Leavesden
_ "My best friend Madison keeps a list of British slang."
_ Emma has just done a fair trade range with Alberto Ferreti
_ The name of the range will be revealed soon. Very classic French.
Organic. Emma will work for free with anyone willing to do fair trade
_ That's why Emma wore vintage last night - "it's important you know where
your clothes come from."
_ She finds it alarming no-one questions where mass produced products come
_ More than anything she wants to spread awareness.
_ Emma got to keep the cloak, wand and time-turner
_ "I was very cynical and dubious about the DH split but was won over with
the idea."
_ "Being cold and wet on set was miserable and I was in tears some days but it works well."
_ The on-set photographer has pictures of @EmWatson sleeping in various places - she can sleep anywhere
_ Emma wants to experiment with supporting roles and theatre


Anonymous said...

Emma Watson et Alberta Ferretti travaillant sur une nouvelle collection ? Hâte de voir ! De même hâte de voir quel projet elle a avec Burberry !

Emanuel said...

Hey Eden!! I just saw yesterday night, at a Tv spot, that will do a live broadcast of the usa red carpet of HP premiere (next Monday). Just saying if you want to post it in the blog.
See ya!!

Emanuel said...

Are you alive, Eden?? :P

Eden said...

I'm not quite sure XD. I'm sorry, I feel really bad since a couple of weeks and I have to collect all the pictures and videos from the London Premiere, HP promo and such. It's a LOT of work and I'm really spending half my time on it. You're going to need lots of patience :p