November 20, 2010

Emma Watson's new quotes + new picture

The 20-year-old Brit makes her comments in The Orange County Register, a local Southern California newspaper.

Asked how she feels about living in the US Watson - who is studying a Liberal Arts Degree at Brown University - says: "It's been great; it's been an adventure."

When the reporter jokingly asks her if she doesn't think the Americans are "savages", she says: "Oh no.

"In fact on the second day of the junket [promotional interviews] this week, I met with all the American journalists and I felt as if I were home.

"It was great to hear American accents again. America really is my second home...

"Americans are friendly and sweet and open and honest and gorgeous."

Watson - who plays Hermione Granger in the blockbuster Harry Potter series - says it was sad shooting the last scenes of the final film.

She said: "She [Hermione] is part of my identity. This wasn't just a role for me.

"She is part of who I am and it will be difficult to continue figuring out who I am without having her around."
Source: Musicrooms

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