January 17, 2011

Emma Watson is on Twitter and Facebook [January 11]

Traduction par Watsonuncensored

Sorry for long absence from here - so much to do and so little time to do
it in before I go back to school! Hope you're all ok x

Désolée pour cette longue absence - tellement à faire et tellement peu de
temps pour le faire avant de retourner à l'école! J'espère que vous allez tous
bien x


Anonymous said...

god so boring twitter

Eden said...

At least we know she's still alive. It's the only information we can get from her tweets.

Anonymous said...

Emma writes for duty and not by conviction

Anonymous said...

it ' s true that you say anonymous she is very false girl. she writes just for say that she don't forget her fans

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of it, never said his project, for her fans do not exist only when it suits him ..
Big disappointment that
she is not the only one who goes to college, work and other things. we all do and there is always some time ... one example is his official website is completely abandoned.
and she is on holiday ...

Anonymous said...

I understand valuing her private life, but she needs her fans if she's going to continue to have a career and by treating us like we should be honoured just to hear pointlessness from her is just degrading. Like she's better than us! I actually don't like her anymore now, but still come to this site because while I don't like her, I still borrow her fashion ideas!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if she complained about desiring a normal life in her rect photo shoot/magazine thing?

Anonymous said...

Why shouldn't she be alive?Just because she didn't write anything for 11 Days?That's crazy.Twitter and FB are not the most important Things on the World.
She has a private Life and it seems that this is more important to her,than a sozial Site or other Things.She is not FB or Twitter obsessed and not really that much interessed in sozial Sites,not like other People.Like her Homepage said it's like EMS from her old Homepage,nothing more.

Emma is enjoying her normal Life as far as cou can tell this a normal Life right now.But I'm sure she is still working on this and maybe even more when Harry Potter ends.But it makes her happy,so let her concentrate on this.

and what do you understzand in valuing her private Life?there is nothing to understand,because it's horrible if People are doing it.
Give her Peace and espicially privacy and respect her private Life of course.Never upload Photos of it.I'm glad that Emma found Friends who woun't upload Photos of her,like she said in October or November.

Serge said...

She doesn't have to write anything anyway,she's not obliged to do it,so she doing it only if she wants,and only when she having a few free minutes in day/week/month from all her business. She's now adult and serious,busy person,she can think for herself,take care of herself,and help anyway herself too,so leave her alone,love & respect her & all what she's doing,and get your own,"private" life.