February 13, 2011

Emma Watson ambassador of Lancome?

Emma Watson is about to sign a six-figure deal to become the latest ambassador for Lancome.
The campaign is to be shot by celebrated fashion photographer Mario Testino next month, and will feature Emma as the face of the French beauty brand in posters and TV advertising.
‘It’s so exciting, I can’t wait to start shooting,’
Emma, 20, said. ‘Although I don’t wear much make-up I’m a big fan of Lancome products, especially their mascara.’

The fresh-faced actress will be quite a change from Lancome’s previous thirtysomething ambassadors, who have included Juliette Binoche, Uma Thurman and Julia Roberts.

The deal comes as Emma prepares to bid farewell to the Harry Potter series, in which she has played Hermione since she was ten, with the final film out later this year.

The star – who cut her hair short to mark the end of life as Hermione – will fit her Lancome role around studies at Brown University in America.
Source: Dailymail


Anonymous said...

Peut être la raison de sa venue à Paris??
En tout cas, ça serait un peu bizarre de voir emma watson en égérie Lancôme

Anonymous said...


but please let us remember that emma just wants a normal student life

lmfao what a hypocrite

Anonymous said...

she doesnt wear much make up. eden you posted a video of her asking fans to pick the cover to deathly hallows part two and she was wearing tons of make up!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Whoever the Anonymous @1:43:00 is, they spend a lot of time being bitter about the life of someone they don't even know. All I see in most of the comments sections here is an Anonymous whining and complaining about what a hypocrite Emma supposedly is.

Why do you think she is one? She seems to be getting along fine with her studies and is experiencing a normal student life at Brown. That's all she wanted; to not be bothered by hoards of fans while in a college setting - and from the way she praises Brown students in interviews, that's exactly what she's getting. She's not saying that she wants a normal life, full stop (She clearly enjoys modeling, fashion, etc. and makes no secret of that) - But just that she would like to be able to complete her STUDIES at BROWN in peace.

I don't understand why you act so personally offended by it all.

And I just wanted to say well done to the creator of this blog. It's great! x

Anonymous said...

"its great x" X is the sign off of emma. annons are you actually emma watson? lol

People are allowed to have their opinions and not everyone is in love with emma.

Anonymous said...

lol but to actually spend SO many time hating or analyzing everything this girl does just to prove if she is fake is kind of sad. Enjoy life, do happy things, if people enjoy Emma and think she is perfect then let them be, maybe you enjoy this but what will you get from it? Changing the world's opinion about Emma? do you want people to dislike he because she's not perfect (she's obviously not, nobody is) and because she says one thing and then does another. idgi. Why spread hate? omg. She doesn't owe us anything, she's an actress, that's her job, what she does in her private life is none of our business. People lie about what they do and want all the time, or maybe she just changed her mind, i think that's what she does and whatever, she's indecisive so what? are you a saint? Get off your pedestal. Please.

Serge said...

Well i am so shut to fuck up and don't make me nervous.

Anonymous said...

No one changes her mind liek she does. I dont think half the time she knows anythign she wants to annd the other half shes too busy decieving of what she really wants to do. Indecisive should be her middle name and fake should be her first.

Anonymous said...

anons can we at least agree serge is the real obsessed one? Im just trying to point out how image can trick mindless people into worshiping less than honest people all in the sake of "celebrity". At least give us that to work on? lol

Anonymous said...

Either way i dont care if you think im on a pedstal or not.

Anonymous said...

If you don't like Emma, then why come to an all Emma blog? You aren't going to change anyone's mind here, so just go hate somewhere else.

Amy said...

Anonymous from 3:57:00 again. I decided to give myself a name so as to clear up any Anonymous confusion!

'"its great x" X is the sign off of emma. annons are you actually emma watson?'
I didn't have millions in the bank last time I checked, so I don't think so! And I've read some of Serge's comments - Yes, he's a freak.

'No one changes her mind liek she does. I dont think half the time she knows anythign she wants to annd the other half shes too busy decieving of what she really wants to do. Indecisive should be her middle name and fake should be her first.'

Do you know any 20 year olds, Eechee? People Emma's age change their minds constantly. It's part of growing into an adult and figuring out what makes you happy. You say she's 'decieving' - That's a very negative word and suggests that she's done something nasty. What terrible thing has she done? How could any indecisiveness on Emma's part as far as her studies go be seen as deception? You don't even know whether she's indecisive or not - You seem to have just decided she is based on the fact that she has a life outside of college.

I have friends in their late 20's who still can't decide what kind of career they'd like and continually switch their college majors. Others have jobs and find it difficult to balance both work and college. There's nothing wrong with that. Are they decieving people? No, of course they aren't. Emma is just out of her teenage years and can't be expected to not make typical 20-year-old mistakes. I can't even see what mistake you say she's supposedly made. She has arguments like you do, gets depressed, changes her mind, goes to the bathroom(!) exactly like you do. So stop jumping on everything she does that you percieve as negative and calling it 'deception' and 'fake'. Take a look at your own life and choices first. I hope you don't judge yourself as harshly as you do Emma. I doubt she has a blog dedicated entirely to putting down another celebrity. What would you say if you found out that she did?

I wouldn't call myself a crazy Emma fan. I mostly just visit this blog from time to time to see what Emma is wearing and how her hair looks. But I couldn't believe the attacks some people here were making on her for something as normal as, eg. being photographed at an event.

She's taking on jobs outside of college time - OMG DECEPTION!

We're not seeing pap pictures of Emma in college - OMG SHE DROPPED OUT OF SCHOOL AND IS FAKE!



Sundas said...

Stop it all.Let's not try to nag each other.Those who don't like,please leave.It gets ugly.

Anonymous said...

Children, play nice

Anonymous said...

I dont think she changes her mind.
In all of the her normal live paparazzi fotos she dont wear much makeup or wear minis. When she say something like " I dont like minis" it is related to her normal live. I dont know any picture of her in Brown with smokey eyes or a mini skirt. She wear this only at events. I think when you go to a party (I think an event is something like a party!)you make yourself beatiful with makeup or a nice dress. For example I wear no makeup,high heels or short dresses except on partys. And Partys and Events are not Emmas life maybe its 25 % of 100%. The other 75 % is the emma with trousers, t-schirt and no makeup.(I saw many paparazzi pictures where she wore no makeup actually not mascara)

Sorry for my bad english :D
But when I read Eechee Wah-Wah comments I had to write something.

Amy said...

Hey, I thought I was playing nice! =D

I was just tired of all the negativity floating around this blog. I'm sorry my last comment turned into an essay. Won't happen again! Peace and love.

Anonymous said...

Emma is the queen of the divas.

Now go get her a coffee with skim milk in it!!

Anonymous said...

Lancome tests on animals. Not okay with this. :|

Anonymous said...

I did not know that anons above. Ill have to research this.