February 10, 2011

New message from Emma Watson

Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know that the rumours are true - I'm
going to be playing Sam in "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" opposite Logan
Lerman. Love Em xx

Salut tout le monde, je voulais juste vous faire savoir que les rumeurs
sont vraies - je vais jouer Sam dans "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" aux côtés
de Logan Lerman. Love Em xx


Anonymous said...

Just saw this! Yay Emma! Love her!

Serge said...

Eden, what's the movie is about?

Eden said...

It's written here http://watsonuncensored.blogspot.com/2011/02/its-official-emma-watson-signed-on-in.html

Anonymous said...

and the damn brown, where it is?

Anonymous said...

“I’m not going to get my kit off or snort cocaine in a film, just to leave Hermione behind,”http://www.showbizspy.com/article/217762/emma-watson-wont-do-cocaine-get-her-tits-out.html

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

EXACTLY ANONS ABOVE... its like she's a politician with the tell one crowd one thing, tell another crowd something different and then do the complete opposite of both.

Nobody catches us because they dont pay attention enough past going crazy for a "celebrity" who they saw in a movie.

I just hate it that the rest of us has to be kept at our word but celebrities can lie and lead us on about who they are and what they belive in.

Anonymous said...

amazon.com book reviews (I guess she changed her mind since Nov about doing these types of movies)

Fourteen-year-old Charlie is introverted and cries easily. He describes in detail his freshman year of high school through letters to an unknown person. Charlie's best friend in junior high committed suicide leaving him feeling alone and depressed. His English teacher mentors him and encourages Charlie to put aside his social anxiety and "participate". At a football game he approaches seniors Sam and Patrick and the two siblings welcome Charlie into their group of friends. Sam and Patrick introduce him to smoking, parties, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and his first girlfriend. Despite his newfound social life, Charlie is a vulnerable and unstable teen, struggling with the death of his aunt because he feels responsible. Throughout the year he suffers from bouts of depression and experiments with alcohol, drugs, and his sexuality. The novel's conclusion reveals the source of Charlie's sensitivity and depression. Ultimately, Charlie learns to be more assertive and not to waste his high school years by observing life from the sidelines.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower contains a number of mature subjects including drug use, homosexuality, suicide, masturbation, date rape, abortion, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and mental instability. Although the novel covers a lot of ground, the problems are not overwhelming as in a Chris Crutcher novel. The characters and situations are portrayed in a realistic manner that will engage teen readers. However, the novel is provocative and parents may be displeased by the depiction of adolescent sex and drug use. This coming-of-age story is easy to read and has plenty of cultural references that will satisfy reluctant readers.

The Phoenix Rising said...

Yea and i live twenty minutes from where they'll be filming.

Anonymous said...



From: http://www.aceshowbiz.com/news/view/w0007836.html

She tells U.S. magazine Parade, "I get some amazing offers to act, and sometimes it's hard to say, 'No, I'm going to stay here and do my homework.' People are like, 'What do you mean she's not available?' This college experience is really important to me, and I won't give it up for anything."

From: http://www.showbizspy.com/article/217762/emma-watson-wont-do-cocaine-get-her-tits-out.html

“I’m not going to get my kit off or snort cocaine in a film, just to leave Hermione behind,” said Watson, who has played the role since since 2001. I don’t want everyone to forget me as Hermione.


From: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/entertainment/film-tv/news/watson-takes-risk-with-new-film-15081086.html

Emma Watson looks set to bury her Harry Potter alter-ego Hermione Granger with her next role.
The Harry Potter star has reportedly signed up to star in a Hollywood adaptation of Stephen Chbosky's novel, The Perks Of Being A Wallflower.

Emma, who is currently studying at Brown University in the States, would play the subject of a teenage boy's affections in the big-screen adaptation, said the Daily Telegraph.

"I am still ambitious as an actress, definitely. I don't think I have really shown what I can do just yet, and there's definitely more to see," she has said previously.

The book has already been criticised in the US for its treatment of sex, drugs and suicide, prompting record complaints to the American Library Association.

Anonymous said...

I REST MY CASE!! ive been calling her a fake for sometime now. I am Eeche Wah-Wah that made the "The real emma watson" blogspot that later had to be deleted because jezzebell.com got me so much traffic it destroyed the site.

Eden said...

Could people not post the same comments in more than one article please? Thanks.

Then, she will film in the summer, during her holidays so I don't see what's wrong with the first comment of "Emma then". For the second one, I haven't read the books so I don't really know what kind of character is Sam, so I can't judge. But the "sex, drugs and suicide" describes the story not Sam's character so I don't kknow what's wrong with it either.

Eechee Wah-Wah said...

I could have sworn she said she was not going to do films like this.


Anonymous said...

emma's character shows lehams character how to smoke and party eden. Im opertty sure this role is against what she said she would not do in novemeber.

Eden said...

To me, when Emma said she wouldn't go naked and take drugs in a movie to change her Hermione image she meant that she wouldn't take the first kind of role like that a director would propose her just to change her image, not that she would never ever take this kind of role.