March 19, 2011

Another Exclusive ABC family Sneak Peek: Harry and Hermione


Anonymous said...

hello there.

check this out.

Like the dailymail post i told you guys to check out this sure does mirror what i am saying.

Im just a simple blogger. How can i and this news organization be on the same page?

Btw believe it or not I am looking forward to part 2. I think wihtout dan harry potter would have not been that good. he's a terrific talent. anyone could have played hermione.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention "you're just a simple blogger that nobody cares or gives a fuck about."

Lexa said...

We just can't say why she left University, these tabloid neither, we can just suppose.

In my opinion, she left University because she knows she has to care about her career.
Because she's still very famous with Harry Potter and if she wants to have an acting career, this is NOW!

If she continues to go to University, in 2 years if she does nothing, no one will care about her, I think she has to do projects now! The rumors about Gallatin and everything, I think it will the best for her, because this is in NY, and at Gallatin they give much more time for students!!

Anonymous said...

anon I love you too. call me. we'll do brunch. =)

Nah lexa, I disagree. rafael was there and he was one of her many "friends" from Rada. Dont it strike you as odd without rafael there her second year she started pulling away from brown? she's Weinsteins muse now. No one wanted her before because of her diva attitude.

Lexa said...

I disagree E-Chee! We have many pictures of Emma at brown and each time, we can see she's with different friends! Maybe she's still friends with Rafael, you don't know that!!

And we hear she behaves like a "diva" ONE time! You need more proof sorry!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if she will be at th Empire Awards?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

lexa my blog sums her up pretty thoroughly. I got teh george craig summer sex fling right on and I am sure after her hockey game photos with rafael they both went under the radar after that.

Emma was still with jay btw. Makes perfect sens to me.

As for Rada that her line for all teh guys she has been with, "They're just friends" but these "just friends" dont stick around for too long. That italian actor, angus and now rafael.

well have to agree to disagree.