April 28, 2011

French Official Trailer of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2


Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed

Eden said...

Really? Why? Well, it's just the trailer anyway (even though the trailers generally have the best scenes of the movie :p)

Anonymous said...

that's a VERY NICE trailer! it shows some things but it doesn't spoil anything! it's brilliant! I'd love this trailer if I hadn't read the books (which I didi but anyway friends of mine didn't)

Anonymous said...

eden please, correct your filters, produce errors in browsers.thanks:)

Eden said...

Filters? What is that?

Anonymous said...

It spoils everything for me!

I was so hoping Hermione would kill Bellatrix instead of Mrs. Weasley in the movie.

That was one of lamest things in the Deathly Hallows book. I was hoping they would change it in the movie. They changed a lot of other things and completely invented things, so it seemed possible.

Looks like I saw Mrs. Weasley confronting Bellatrix, though.

Come on!! That sucks!

Bellatrix tortured Hermione. Hermione should be the one to take her out! Lame! Lame! Lame!

Hermione better step in and push Mrs. Weasley out of the way at the last second then give Bellatrix the old Avada Kedavra!

Eden said...

Whaat?! I totally vote against Hermione to step in and push badass Molly. :p Molly is great and it's her only moment in the whole 7 books.

Anonymous said...

I always though Molly was the right person to kill Bella! Hermione would probably fit but I like molly better... it's kind of her moment of glory after Fred's death!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Eden!

I know you probably know as much about Harry Potter as the venerable Melissa Anelli and I understand Fred was killed a little earlier, which gives Mrs. Weasley some added motivation...

... but the best ending would be for Hermione to take out Bellatrix then for Harry to take out Voldemort. It just makes the most sense.

My opinion anyway! Nothing against Molly but logically Hermione should be a much more powerful witch than Mrs. Weasley.

What does Mrs. Weasley do all day? Hermione was out there in the middle of the action for 7 books and 8 movies.

Do you get more powerful as you get older? I don't think so.

Magic needs to learned from books and then practiced in real world situations. That would make Hermione one of the most powerful witches on the planet!

Plus Hermione was just tortured by Bellatrix!

I actually think Hermione should have given Bellatrix a bit of "girl/witch power" in the Order of the Phoenix right after Bellatrix killed Sirius.

Hermione did nothing there!

Then Voldemort just knocks Harry's wand out of his hand and Dumbledore shows up to save the day. Even though Harry locked wands in the previous movie with Voldemort ... he was somehow weaker a year later! Lame! Lame! Lame!

Harry should have exploded with incredible power bursting from his wand after seeing his Godfather killed!

Voldemort should have been afraid breifly ... then gain control over Harry ... then Dumbledore should have shown up to save the day.

I don't thing David Yates is that good of a director to be honest.

I think 5, 6 and 7 part 1 were the weakest of the lot.

He completely botched the scene when Ron came back after a few weeks in DH Part 1. There needed to be way more emotion in that scene!

It was one of the defining scenes of the whole damn story arc, for God Sake!

I think just adding one or two lines from the book would have done it.
"Ron Weasley, you complete ass!" Hermione vociferates.

She picks up some twigs and leaves off the ground and throws them at Ron. She hits him with his backpack.

"I wanted to come back!" Ron tries to interject.

The camera moves to behind Ron and focuses right on Hermione's face. She has tears in her eyes and her face is contorted with complex emotions.

"I ran after you!" Hermione cries.

"I called out your name over and over!"

"You didn't answer!"

Tears flow down Hermione's cheeks. She wipes them away with her sleeve.

"How do think that made me feel?"

No brainer to me. David Yates didn't see it, though.

Would have given Emma a chance to really show what she has, too.

Kristin M. said...

It's Hermione, as the series went on, she turned into somewhat of a kick-ass heroine, but I don't think she could go as far as killing someone. That's the last thing I could imagine her doing. But, it would be sooooo cool if she did, though.

If they had her kill bellatrix, most fans would be in an uproar.

Anonymous said...

anon above Kristin.... How you doing Delores, lol. I know you're commenting style very well. Where is all your lame references. Well more like annoying.

I don't understand french for the video. It looks good.

Anonymous said...

RE: It's Hermione, as the series went on, she turned into somewhat of a kick-ass heroine ...

The above quote epitomizes my point actually.

Beacause it is not really true!

Hermione was very advanced early on. She was figuring things out and taking her wand out frequently.

In GoF, she became a girl! She never ever took her wand out!

In OoTP, she knocked Ron over with a stupify and she had like one expelliamus in the ministry of magic. (It was Ginny that knocked all the cabinets over).

That's it!

In the Half Blood Prince she does nothing again. She never takes her wand out and never figures out any clues.

Hermione makes her comeback in DH Part 1!

The most logical ending of the Story would be for Hermione to continue the progression of this renewed intensity and have a momentous, final, climatic scene with Bellatrix.

I would have them exchange profound words about Good vs. Evil and then have Hermione blast Bellatrix with some deadly curse that is very obscure and have Bellatrix show a look of surprise and shock on her face before she dies!

Whatever! I guess Molly is OK too!

Anonymous said...

RE: anon above Kristin.... How you doing Delores, lol.

Must be E-Chee!

Anonymous said...

I go to echee's blog and I see posts like that all the time. I know it's Delores. And Delores... Knock off the .... because that's your sign. LMAO


Eden you are the biggest liar as to not being a hermione fan, oh wait, emma fan. Your pottershots photos show you are as brain dead as the rest of these people. I expected this though. Emma's fake ass and her lies are affecting her fans. Do you have a soul or any common sense? If emma is a role model for any group, it would be all the liars and con-artists.

Wait I'll save the comment space

*That anon must be Echee

Marion said...

@ Reality Speaking: could you say that some other way please? It just gets really annoying, when haters get so agressive and cross the line.

As I already said. She's neither as bad as the haters say, nor is she the saint her hardcore fans see her as.

I was just checking out some pictures of the filming of the epilog and was quite confused to find, that Emma was wearing the same clothes she was in the cafe-szene...

After Hours Tech said...

RE: " And Delores... Knock off the .... "

Technically that wasn't fan fiction. I was adding a few lines to a scene in the movie that I thought would make it better. It was close to what Hermione said in the book, and even in the movie she did run out of tent after him and she did call out his name.

After Hours Tech said...

Eden, you should use the Flag Counter. This seems to be a very international Blog. It would be interesting to see the flags of all the visiting countries.

CaptainSonicx said...

"Bellatrix tortured Hermione. Hermione should be the one to take her out! Lame! Lame! Lame! "

Bellatrix tortured shitloads of people. She even tortured Neville his parents to a point that they don't even REMEMBER him. You could say that he deserved to take her out, but he did not.
If you remember the book you should know it's Mrs Weasley. She prevents Bellatrix from killing her daughter too. So I really don't understand why you are so angry about this. It shows how brave Mrs Weasley is. Up until then we didn't know she had that in her.

CaptainSonicx said...

"Do you get more powerful as you get older? I don't think so. "

Also you are wrong there. Voldemort and Dumbledore got more powerful when they got older because they also gained more wisdom.

After Hours Tech said...

Interesting discussion here.

Lexa said...

Yes "After Hours Tech"... Because of "E-Chee" I think again xP

After Hours Tech said...

CaptainSonicx ... you make some good points.

Still age does not always bring wisdom, and "knowledge" is more important than wisdom in this case anyway.

Spells, Charms, Curses and Potions are learned from books and in class, not from getting older.

Hermione seems to read more books than anyone. She loves the
"restricted section" of the library.

Did Mrs. Weasley even go to Hogwarts? If she did, it had to be like 30 years earlier.

Also, Mrs. Weasley and Neville are secondary characters.

Bellatrix was Voldemort's top Lieutenant and she is female.

Logically, Hermione should kill Bellatrix then Harry kill Voldemort.

I know it is a moot point, I was hoping they would change that in the movie.

In the book Hermione, Ginny, and Luna are all taking on Bellatrix and losing! That's dumb I think.

JK Rowling's evolution of the Hermione character was very uneven. She was incredibly advanced when she was really young. For example, she destroyed the rogue blodger with her wand in Chamber of Secrets. That showed some serious power.

So years later, Hermione, Ginny and Luna all combined are weaker than Mrs. Weasley? It makes no sense!

CaptainSonicx said...

"Still age does not always bring wisdom, and "knowledge" is more important than wisdom in this case anyway."
Yes and Dumbledore and Voldemort read a lot of stuff too. Some stuff you don't even find in books. Just look at the horcrux.
Mrs Weasley went to school. It's there where she also knows Mr Weasley from. It doesn't matter that she or Neville are secondary charachters. If you leave all those charachters in the background and never let them do stuff too, it would only be the trio doing all the work which is stupid in my opinion. There are more people in the wizard world who are as interesting as them.
Bellatrix is an enormous powerful witch (like most deatheaters). It think the deatheaters are trained for battling against several people.
I don't see Hermione, Ginny nor Luna kill someone unless necessary. Even when in danger Hermione tries to avoid that. Some might find that weak, but I don't.
I also think Mrs Weasley caught Bellatrix off guard. I think Bellatrix didn't expect her to use a killing curse. Hell, I didn't expect her to do that. So that kind of explained it for me why Mrs Weasley got her.

And what makes you think Hermione is weak? I don't see that. I see an incredible smart and awesome charachter. When Harry, Ron and she were on the road they could have died several times, but they put up an amazing fight! But I would like to know why you think of her as weak. I just don't see that tbh. :)

Eden said...

Unfortunately, the character of Molly has never been very described by Rowling so we can't know what's her real magical level but I personally always imagined her as an extremely powerfull witch so I'm not surprised at all that she was able to kick Bellatrix's butt. But yeah, we all have our own vision of the secondary characters.

Anonymous said...

"And what makes you think Hermione is weak? I don't see that...."
>>> CaptainSonicx
That's just it!

I don't think Hermione is weak at all. I think she should be one of the most powerful witches in the Wizarding World.

She was powerful and very precocious at age 11.

Sirius called her the "brightest witch of our age" when she was maybe 13.

Magic is learned! Then needs to be practiced!

You don't just have it in you somehow.

I really like the Mrs. Weasley character, but she is a housewife and wasn't really part of the action. I don't get how she would be much more powerful than Hermione.

And Bellatrix spent a lot of time in Azkaban where she couldn't really learn any new magic or practice what she already knows.

Hermione should be more powerful than Molly and at least equal to Bellatrix in my opinion!

I guess my only real point is that Hermione started out incredibly strong then became "a girl" for awhile, which I found annoying ...

... but she seems to be finishing strong!

Having Hermione, Ginny and Luna losing in a wand duel against Bellatrix and then having Mrs Weasley save the day, is an insult to Hermione in my opinion!!

Both CaptainSonicx and Eden make some good points though ... above.

Eden said...

Yeah, it's true that Hermione's power has been under-used, it would have been nice to see her doing something really big. Maybe we'll see it in the movie even though it won't be killing Bellatrix.

And also about Molly, the fact that she decided to dedicate her life to her family doesn't mean she has no power (I'm not saying that's what you were intended ;) and we can't forget that she already was part of the first war with Voldemort. So we don't know if she knows a lot about the theory but she definitely has the practice.

Anonymous said...

Good point Eden! There may be another big moment for Hermione that was not in the book but added to the movie.

Anonymous said...

Thaks Delores that's above eden for that thorough analysis.


Anonymous said...

How can you tell I am Delores? Am I that obvious?

Delores was a raving, crazy, lunatic who wasn't polite.

I am trying to be more polite now!

Nudge, nudge know what I mean? ... (Kristin M)

Just kidding! You did sort of apologize in the "Emma Message" post above and Echee probably did deserve it, anyway.

Not Delores Anymore

CaptainSonicx said...

I agree with Eden. Hermione should have been used more often because she was even smarter than Harry. Harry his survival is based on sheer luck.

I also want to add this:

"I guess my only real point is that Hermione started out incredibly strong then became "a girl" for awhile, which I found annoying ...

... but she seems to be finishing strong!"

I really bothers me that you said this, because it's something that really annoys me when people complain that she is weak and became "a girl". She is a girl. There is nothing wrong with being a girly. This statement gives the implication that being "a girl" is wrong, because woman are seen as weak and bad. That if they aren't constantly strong, they're 'just' a woman. That they aren't equal to men. Being "a girl" gets used as an insult if a guy isn't masculine enough.
I find that really negative and problematic, because it gives the impression that being a girl is bad and weak.

So saying Molly is just a houswife gives the impression that's she isn't worth as much as Hermione. That she somehow is weak. I think to feed seven children (especially the weasley twins) is a hard task and that she def is strong too.
But yes. It's sad that we didn't see Hermione do more badass stuff. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, you people need to get a grip. I mean you're talking about a movie here. You're not debating socrates or plato.

CaptainSonicx said...

Movies and books portray a certain way of thinking and send out a message. I like to analyse that and debate about these kind of things (and other things). What wrong with that...

Anonymous said...

RE: CaptainSonicx

Very good points above ... again!

A little clarification, though. I am not some militant feminist. There is nothing wrong with Hermione's feelings for Ron or dressing up and looking beautiful for the Ball or any of that.

And, of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a housewife. I was just making the point that magic is learned and needs to be practiced so you would think Molly would have less opportunity to work on her magic than Hermione.

Anyway, Hermione is by far my favorite character. Even years from now she will be considered one of the classic female characters of all time, in my opinion.

I just thought it strange how uneven her evolution as a witch was. She starts really strong but then doesn't do much for like 3 movies.

She is finishing strong in the Deathly Hallows. She is doing numerous small things which are invaluable to their survival and success. I was just hoping Hermione would have a profound, climatic moment at the end, and killing Bellatrix was the only thing I could think of. Even Neville killing Nagini is a big moment.

I doesn't look like Hermione will get a moment like that. No big deal. Just a little disappointing.

Also, great response to Anon above. After 10 years or so, the biggest movie franchise of all time is coming to end in a few months. What is wrong with some analyse and debate? It is more interesting than Emma's hair or whether or not she is gaining weight or whatever.