April 07, 2011

Logan Lerman talks about Emma Watson and 'Perks of Being a Wallflower'

"It's definitely happening, we're shooting that soon," Logan assured us, when asked about the film's production status. "We're starting in a month now, so I'm excited. [Emma and I] haven't worked together [before], but we met up and everything," he said.

Logan added that everyone involved with the film is very attached to the book as well.

"We're all really passionate about that movie. It's a book that's affected us all," he said. "The story is 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower,' it's a book that we've all known, Emma and I, some other people, it's really affected us since it came out. I read it years ago. It's an honor to be in that film and to be able to portray Charlie."

Although an official start date is unknown, the shooting location isn't.

"We're shooting in Pennsylvania," Logan said. "I'm not sure the exact start date, but it should be a month from now or so, and I'm excited."

Source: MTV


Anonymous said...

can you upload this on Youtube, Eden? plz

Anonymous said...

He's adorable =)

Anonymous said...

wonder when they met. if it was when emma was in LA.