May 25, 2011

Emma Watson on Italian Vanity Fair cover, New Interview

The photoshoot is not new but apparently the interview is.

How to cultivate friendships if you are always in motion?
I’m always on Skype, and sent many messages out there: it is the fastest way in the world to send messages.

How hard is to have your phone number?

So the kids have a little scared to try you.
It’s hard for me to have a love story. I am a famous actress. Often I am surrounded by people who care about me. And I’m shy. I honestly do not know how to get out. But I know I will find very soon” .

But if you see someone you like, what are you doing?
I never know what to do. They’re not going forward because they think I am too busy or out of reach. And the result is that I’m still single.
Source: I Heart Watson

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