May 13, 2011

Emma Watson's interview with Women's Wear Daily [Not Full]

Emma Watson finds dressing age-appropriately is "quite difficult".

The 21-year-old actress - who recently topped Glamour UK magazine's Best-Dressed Women 2011 list - admits it's hard to get the right look at red carpet events although she prefers a "less is more" approach.

Emma told WWD: "I try to dress age-appropriately, which isn't actually that easy when obviously high-end clothing is designed for women who are older than I am."

"It's a fine line to tread between looking smart and looking ready to go on a red carpet but also looking like I'm 21. It's quite difficult."
"I think less is more - less makeup, less accessories is better."

As for her favorite designers, she named Isabel Marant, A.P.C., Chloe and agnes b. for casual wear as well as Vena Cava. And she of course mentioned her love for Burberry, adding that she likes to mix and match.

And for all those boys (and girls) who were upset when she chopped off her locks, she spilled that she's actually working on growing out her hair. Watson said, "a bit. I'm excited to try to get it into kind of like a bob." We can't wait to capture all of the growing out stages!

Emma - who is the face of Lancome - recently helped chose the colour of the brand's Tresor Midnight Rose women's fragrance, which is due out worldwide in September.

Watson told WWD that signing on with Lancome "feels like the right thing to have done." The brand she said, "has this amazing heritage and this amazing history. It's very well established but at the same time seems to be at the forefront."

She has also been heavily involved in the advertising campaign - which was shot by Mario Testino - which impressed her bosses.

She added: "It's funny, the guys at Lancome were like, 'You need to be directing, Emma.' I had ideas about every aspect. I'm sure I drove them insane."

"I was involved in the concept for the [ad] film and the tag line, 'Catch my heart if you can.' "
"The hat [in the ad] was my hat, which I bought at a flea market in Paris. I was very involved in the script. It's been really fun for me."

I’m very interested in ethical clothing,” continued Watson, who revealed she’s talking to Lancôme executives about a possible eco-friendly project. “It’s very early stages,” said Watson.

Source: Contactmusic, Fashionista, Beautyhigh

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