June 03, 2011

Emma Watson at the Rocky Horror Show Picture + Stephen Chbosky about Emma

+ Stephen Chbosky talks about Emma :

The British actress known as Hermione in the "Harry Potter" series was safeguarded by a harness in scenes shot with a stunt driver at the wheel and police nearby. So, kids, don't try this at home, even if you are feeling "infinite," to quote lead character Charlie.

After sharing Ms. Watson's declaration that it was "one of the greatest moments of her life," the director says, "Those of us from Pittsburgh, we understand how beautiful it is, but to hear it from an outsider was very special."

Although Ms. Watson, now 21, was dead set against more high school roles, her agent pressed the script on her, and the actress fell in love with it. "Once she and I met, we both knew in each other we had a kindred spirit," Mr. Chbosky says.

In January, she made the rounds at LA studios to plead the case for "Perks." Summit Entertainment, the studio behind "Twilight," said yes. "We wouldn't be making the movie without her passion for it," the director-writer says.

As for the fans who turn up on the sidelines to see Ms. Watson, Mr. Chbosky reports, "The crowds have been very respectful of our process and her time. Those people who have come out to watch filming -- and there have been quite a few of them -- I think they just want to witness what's happening. There's never been a moment in the middle of a take where someone goes, 'Emma!' Doesn't happen."

"I really, from the bottom of my heart, I wanted to thank the people here in Pittsburgh for embracing the movie and for supporting it the way they have. ... I think you can go home again and I'm very, very sorry about the Fort Pitt Tunnel, but when you see Emma Watson, I'm telling you, it will be worth it."

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