June 12, 2011

Emma Watson talks about her semester off from Brown university

Two years ago, Emma Watson was facing a quandary many young adults encounter: Is college worth it?

For most 18-year-olds, a university degree is an expensive but necessary investment leading to personal growth and a well-paying job. But for Watson, already a multimillionaire as a result of playing Hermione Granger in the "Harry Potter" movies, the calculus was more complex.

Should she trade red carpets for Red Bull-fueled nights studying? Would the knowledge gained be as valuable as the roles she'd have to forgo? And was it possible for the actress to fit in with classmates who had watched her grow up on-screen?

Watson opted to attend Brown University — a decision that confounded Hollywood directors and publicists.

"I've had to say no to stuff that people have been gobsmacked about. I've had big directors say to me, 'What do you mean, you can't do this movie? We don't understand,'" the actress, now 21, said recently by phone from her native England. "I always hear, 'What do you mean she can't do this magazine cover?' or 'What do you mean she can't have this meeting for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?' And my agent will say, 'She's at school, sorry.'

"Yes, it's hard for me to turn down amazing opportunities. But I've been working solidly since I've been 9 years old. So for me, to have this space to learn and figure myself out a bit is obviously worth it."


Watson is doing that now. She took a semester off from Brown to promote the last "Harry Potter" film, which hits screens in July, and will return to her studies in the fall — though maybe at a different campus, on an exchange program through Brown.

"On the last movie, I flew around on this crazy press tour, and then came back and tried to do my finals," she recalled. "I wasn't sleeping. And I realized, 'Oh, my God, I can't do this again.' I wasn't going to be able to get the best out of being at Brown and do justice to saying goodbye to 'Harry Potter' properly."
Source: LATimes


Anonymous said...

lol, omg what a load of crap

Anonymous said...

Je me demande si elle a beaucoup de propositions pour des rôles intéressants et de quels réalisateurs elle parle. Elle n'est pas obligée d’être aussi vague, je veux plus de détails XD

Eden said...

haha, moi aussi. Mais je me souviens que lors d'une interview elle avait parlé d'auditions qu'elle n'avait pas réussit et quand l'interviewer lui a demandé lesquelles, Emma s'est tournée vers son agent qui a dit qu'elle ne pouvait pas en parler. Satanés agents.

Anonymous said...

They are OLD quotes! The first one about turning down stuff is from an interview that was done at least in the middle of last year, if not older. The second one is from an Associated Press interview earlier in the year. Not new! LaTimes just mixed old quotes as newspapers so often do. I hate it when they do that, find out of date quotes that suit their article, stuff gets taken out of context and she gets misquoted as people believe it's new.

Anonymous said...

This was a big article that used quotes from actors about how they felt about college, they just found old quotes and put them in, it wasn't an interview with Emma at all, it was past comments she's made that they found in other sources. The bit on this site makes it look like more of an interview than in looks in the article (though they try and make it look like an interview there).
This stuff annoys me as she's made lots of comments and in some ways clarified stuff since. They are old quotes.

Anonymous said...

Ps the recently bit is crap, most media will generally quote something in the last two years as recently, this was from last year. It may have even been the la times then and they are reusing it.

Eden said...

Woops, sorry. I thought I remembered the first sentence but not the last one. I thought the LA Times was a good source.

Anonymous said...

No I think they're using old quotes in the article rather than actually interviewing her. It's just a discussion on the pros and cons if uni and they've put in as many sources as pos...

Kate said...

Pretty sure I've read all of that before somewhere. As said it was an article discussing young famous actors and whether college is valuable rather than an interview with Emma, I'm skeptical about whether they would actually have spoken to her for the article. I'd say they just used stuff they had or what was around. As someone said that stuff then goes around as a new interview.

Anonymous said...

I'd love if she continue to do some movies between Brown semesters. Otherwise she'll be forgotten because she'll have said no to to many opportunities.

Anonymous said...

Did Emma really say "gobsmacked"? I guess it is one of those British terms, like "plaster".

Anyway, Anon above makes a good point about her opportunities.

Emma will be very high profile this summer, of course. But that will quickly fade a few months after the last Potter movie.

She has the small role in the Marilyn movie coming out in the fall. Then her next movie won't be until spring 2012 (Perks).

There is about a year delay from when a movie is filmed to when it is in theatres. If she waits too long to be involved in another movie, it might be 2013 until it is released.

I heard "Perks" might be PG13. If so, it could be sort of lame. Emma should start a new movie project this fall. She could lose her high profile status if she waits too long.

I like the idea of her going to Oxford University this fall. Maybe she can get involved with a new movie being filmed at Leavesden. I heard they spent a lot of money upgrading that studio.

If she is serious about her acting career, she needs to start a new movie project before the end of 2011.

Anonymous said...

If I was her I wouldn't want to film a movie at leavesden. I would like some change. Maybe a semester without doing anything but studying would be good for her. And then afte she can do other things. I would like to see her in another movie of course, but she's not obligated to link the projects one after another.