June 18, 2011

My Week with Marilyn to be released on November 4

Emma Watson has only a very tiny role in this movie as Lucy, the wardrobe assistant who flirts with the main character, but it's still something new.


Anonymous said...

The trailer received very good critics. I'll maybe go see that movie. It's a very interesting side of Marylin Monroe!

Anonymous said...

I heard that there's actually some Oscar buzz floating around about this movie. I mean, most of the movies that preview at Cannes do get some sort of Oscar buzz, and I know only the trailer showed, but it's nice hearing a movie Emma was in, little part or not, is getting some Oscar buzz. Its good for the resume.

By the way, Richard Roeper's did a short interview for the reelz channel and said out of Dan, Rupert and Emma, he thinks Emma is going to have the most successful acting career. He thinks they're all great actors, he raved about the trio, but seems to think Emma will find the most success. Again, that's really nice to hear, especially from a critic like Roeper.

Anonymous said...

She has the potential to be more successful than Dan and Rupert. To be honest, though, I am not sure she can "Have her cake and eat it too!" Like she said on Jonathon Ross in 2009.

She needs to start another movie really soon. It takes about a year for a movie to come out after filming. If she goes back to college and doesn't start another movie until next year, then a lot of time will go by after Perks until her next movie comes out. It would not be until 2013 sometime.

She will fade from the public eye pretty quick after Potter if she doesn't do many movies. The competition is incredible. There are so many very talented young actresses.

I hope she scores a big role sometime in 2011 (late summer or early fall). That way it would only be about 6 months after Perks until her next movie. She needs to keep it going! I hope she doesn't become complacent and just assume she can get a role whenever she feels like. It doesn't always work that way.