July 19, 2011

Emma Watson in Magazine Covers

Source : Iheartwatson


Anonymous said...

im so happy when her hair grows, i hate slicked back hair.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Anon above. She is doing it way too much lately. Not just for magazine covers, either. NY premiere, Letterman, etc. It almost seems like her hair is at an awkward length and she is having trouble with it. So sometimes she just says: "the heck with it! I will just slick it down, it is easier."

Birgit said...

I'm quite sure that is what she thinks. This is a very hard stage, between a crop and a bob, it's normal this is the only way . besides, I think those pictures are also Mariano Vivanco ones and in all those picture her hair in behind her ears.
Just wait until it's longer.
Anyway, her hair at letterman wasn't really that much behind her ears, and I really liked how she had it at the UK primiere and at Regis and Kelly, I like that more than ultrashort crop, never was really fond of that.

Anonymous said...

yes, i loved her long hair and i was very fond of her short hair but this stage right now is awkward. not the hair itself the slicked back stuff.

@birgit: oh yes those two times it was really good.

Serge said...

I love her hair both ways,long and slicked back.