July 23, 2011

Emma Watson might want to create her own fashion line

Harry Potter actress Emma Watson has proved a hit in front of the camera by modelling for Burberry, but now she wants to show off her skills as a fashion designer.

The 21-year-old, who also plans to continue her studies at Oxford after cutting short her time at Brown University in Amer­ica, has been taking fabric-cutting, design and sewing classes, I'm told.

'Emma wants to challenge herself creatively.

'She's obsessed with art at the moment,' says a mole.

'She's already designed a line of T-shirts and wants to expand her skills to create bespoke eveningwear.

'She looks up to designers such as Georgina Chapman and Sarah Burton.

'She has also been studying the work of Joan Miro to inspire her.'
Source: Dailymail

* * *

L'actrice de Harry Potter, Emma Watson, a prouvé son succès devant l'appareil photo en posant pour Burberry, mais maintenant elle veut montrer ses talents comme créatrice de vêtements.

On m'a dit que la jeune femme de 21 ans, qui compte aussi continuer ses études à Oxford après avoir raccourci son temps à Brown University en Amérique, a pris des cours de coupe de tissu, de stylisme et de couture.

'Emma veut de lancer des défis créativement parlant'

'Elle est obsédée par l'art en ce moment,' dit une taupe.

'Elle a créé une ligne de tee-shirt et veut étendre ses talents pour créer des tenues du soir sur mesure.'

'Elle admire des créateurs tel que Georgina Chapman et Sarah Burton.'

'Elle a aussi étudié le travail de Joan Miro pour s'inspirer.'


Anonymous said...

This comment has nothing to do with this post, but I am depressed. I don't think we are going to see Emma for months. She might do some promotional stuff for My Week With Marilyn. I guess I am just having withdrawels or something. I have seen DH Part 2 three times already. For the first time since I was like ten years old there won't be another one.

Anonymous said...

To anon above, there will be the DVD launch and the opening of the HP tour at Leavesden. I'm sure WB will also convert all the movies to 3d at some point. Yes there won't be a lot of pics of Emma but there rarely is unless she's doing something, it often goes ages without news but I'm sure there will be exciting stuff in the future.

As for the Daily Fail they still don't seem to have understood that she's doing a year abroad study program *rolls eyes*

Eden said...

Well, I think Nicholls is a reliable writer so who knows? It only says that Emma is thinking about it anyway. There's still time for her to decide to do it or not and to actually do it if she decides to, so she could maybe do that in a couple of years.

Anonymous said...

I thought the daily fail was not a good soure for information? Didnt she say she was not going to design anymore and focus on school?

Anonymous said...

I think she would be a pretty good designer...people tree was good and sooooo comfortable at the same timeood and sooooo comfortable at the same time

Anonymous said...

And i hope she is successful in whatever she does

Anonymous said...

She's smart, hardworking, intelligent, cute, and obviously very lucky...so definetly gonna succeed in whatever she does

Anonymous said...

Emma will be running her own company by the time she is 30.

Anonymous said...

Tout le monde sait qu'elle est inspirée et obsédée par l'art en ce moment. Elle ne parle dans tous ses interviews. faire de la couture ou de l'artisanat ne veut pas dire qu'elle veut se partir une compagnie ou commercialiser des vêtements. Elle pourrait le faire pour sensibiliser un fois de plus les gens a l'écologie.