July 19, 2011

Emma Watson nominated for the Teen Choice Awards

Ceremony: Sunday, Aug., 7 at 8/7central on FOX!

Best Actress Sci Fi/Fantasy (for Deathly Hallows 1)
Best Liplock (with Daniel Radcliffe in Deathly Hallows 1)

Best Movie Star - Female (for Harry Potter)

To vote (only teenagers can vote): TCA 2011


Anonymous said...

Wait, why isn't there anything about DH part 2?

Anonymous said...

the Nominations are out since a very while already.Maybe May or June,I don't know.That's why nothings of DH Part 2

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the conversation on lainey gossip live chat?
I know it's a gossip blog but apparently emma bailed out of her junket interviews. I just hope she doesn't change now that she begins her new post harry potter career, I just think she is a cutie.

"she bailed out of junket interviews in London, claimed she was "sick". Did the same for junket interviews in NYC last week. Said she was "sick". Was seen at the spa. That girl is ...starting to live inside her own head. We'll see where this goes."


Anonymous said...

If I read correctly, she's nominated as best actress for a summer movie? She might actually have a chance. But, the more likely scenario is that once again, twitards are going to be sitting at their computers all afternoon voting themselves into an orgasm for twilight.

Anonymous said...

no chance against twillight.

then again: who gives a f** about teen choice awards? not like this would open any doors.

she needs some real awards

Eden said...

I haven't read any comment spotting her at the spa during the HP promotion, and people at Pottershots are REALLY good at finding these infos. It's a fact that she was ill, I doubt the person saying she was seen at the spa. And even though he did read somewhere that she was there, there are lots of sightings of Emma, sometimes in the same day, but in different countries.

Anonymous said...

There is a spa in the hotel and so what if she relaxed there. She is going to Oxford for a year. If they don't want to believe it, it's up to them. That is why it is gossip.

Anonymous said...

There was a tweet that Emma was at the spa in her hotel during the NYC promotions.

Does not indicate she really was not feeling well. No way for anyone to really know.

Dan missed a lot more Potter promotion than Emma.

Anonymous said...

she looked really pale in the video where she annouce her weibo account and the interview for that.

also journalist are always pissed when they dont get interviews, but not professional enough to not let it influence their writing.

Anonymous said...

that was make-up like she wore to the press conference in dh1 anon above.

Anonymous said...

if you ever come closer than 5 feet to a woman you will know that this was no make up.

Anonymous said...

If she was so sick why was she busting a move until the wee hours at teh after party in london or going to that strip club in NYC?

That's something we should consider with all this sick stuff.

Birgit said...

I don't think any of you have a clue about if Emma was ill or not, you're only guessing in the dark right now and you should stop, because it's a waste of time.