July 22, 2011

Trésor Midnight Rose disponible le 1er septembre entre 47 et 85€

Version longue et française de l'article au lien 'Nice-Matin'.

The last frangrance of Lancôme will be available in perfumeries the next 1st of September. The fragrance will cost 47€ (30ml spray), 65€ (50ml spray) and 85€ (75ml).
Source: Nice-Matin


Anonymous said...

If the fragrance is nice (I HATE some high trademark perfumes who are WAYYY too smelly to my taste) i'll probably make it my daily perfume. I have an American Eagle onw now, but it's not super nice. The fragrance is nice but doesn't really stay on the skin.

Serge said...

Wonder when will it be in Ukraine.I'm using Hugo Boss,it's cool,pretty manly.When Tresor will be here,I'll buy it for my sister)))

Aliénor said...

Can't wait to smell it

Lauriane said...

As Aliénor,I can't wait to try it and see whether I like it or not