August 26, 2011

Emma Watson and Johnny Simmons's adventure in Paris

Les francophones, vous pouvez l'écoutez ICI

I'm going to translate the story for those who don't understand French:
A man was hired to take care of Emma and Johnny for a day in Paris (showing them the city, driving them where they wanted...). And at a moment they wanted to put a padlock on the Ponts des Arts (it's a tradition of lovers who lock a padlock to the bridge for their love to last). Problem: they didn't have a padlock and it was late so the driver decided to drive them to Monoprix (cheap shop) and proposed them to go buy them himself a padlock so they wouldn't be bothered. But they say they would go too. So they went, apparently the reaction of people inside the shop was fun, Emma took pictures of a couple of clothes she found nice and they bought the padlock.

The man said Emma and Johnny seemed so in love that it was touching.

If you take the translation, PLEASE credit Watsonuncensored.


Anonymous said...

Oh it's very sweet.

Angie said...

J'aime bien entendre de petite histoire ainsi, ça me rappelle la fois où elle avait été aperçue avec Tom du côté de Nice.

Anonymous said...

it's so cute!! :D

Anonymous said...

where is paparazzy?

Thaïs said...

J'adore ! On à vraiment de la chance que ça soit tombé sur elle ^^

Ruth said...

Too bad there are no pap shots.

Anonymous said...

As much as I believe they are in love, I honestly can't see it lasting til Christmas. They live on two different continents and I find it very hard to believe that Johnny will put his career on hold for 2 years so she can finish her education. I personally believe it is just a summer fling like she had last year with that British singer.

Lauriane said...

Well she seems really in love so I'm not sure that it is a summer love like with George Craig,this relationship seems more serious.

Anonymous said...

I definitely think Simmons is her first "serious" relationship since Jay. I think they will try to make it last while she is in school.

As an actor he can spend a lot more time in the UK. It's not a 9-5 job. It's more about him not having any friends/ties to where she lives except her. All his friends/family are in the States.

I'm not saying this is the guy she will marry. If they are still together in 5-6 years then maybe. That happening would surprise me - but it's possible.

How they are avoiding the paps I don't know.