September 07, 2011

Emma Watson at the GQ Men of the Year Awards 2011 Ceremony

Emma was last night at the GQ Men of the Year Awards at the London Royal Opera House to give Mario Testino the Inspiration of the Year awards. GQ was updating their site about what was going on during the ceremony, here are the parts concerning Emma:

20:25 An update on the red carpet: Emma Watson has arrived, as has Dizzee Rascal.

20:50 Emma Watson is in a deep discussion with Bill Nighy.

22:14 Dressed in McQ, the beautiful Emma Watson takes to the stage to present our Inspiration Of The Year award to legendary photographer Mario Testino. Watson says he made her feel "beautiful and sexy."

Her outfit:

Red carpet:

Desmond O'Neil The Fashion Spot

After Party:

Arriving / Leaving with Sophie and her dad to go back home:

Here are articles talking about it (some have new pictures):
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Anonymous said...

I don't like her dress at all...... ok she has an alexander Mcqueen dress but.... sorry for me it doesn't work!

Eden said...

To me it's the hair and make-up that don't work. I like the rest.

Anonymous said...

SHe could have pulled up some gel for that one, but the overall is pretty! maybe some darker makeup, too! but she doesn't seem to like wearing a lot of makeup.

Elodie said...

Her dress is so beautiful!!!!!!! i love her style!

Anonymous said...

there is something wrong, the dress or the makeup( and the hair )

Nicholas said...

I actually like this scottish biker rock princess look! lol

Anonymous said...

You all are crazy (just kidding). I love her look. I love her hair, I absolutely love her dress paired with that black leather jacket and those black shoes. I am absolutley crazy about her dress. I think she looks sexy, sophisticated.

Also, I love what she did with her hair. It looks like she dyed it really dark brown and added light brown highlights, it's great.

I wish she'd wear outfits like this more often. I would absolutely buy it.

Emma Radcliffe said...

Yep, she was there to present Testino an award. I think she looks cute here, and I actually like her hair like that. And she looks quite natural, it's nice to see she didn't "play a part" on the red carpet and in front of the cameras (sometimes I feel like she's overacting on the red carpet, you know, not smiling and everything). Here she looks relaxed and natural, which is nice.

Aliénor said...

I love her look but not her lips :s

Aliénor said...

I also like that she has nail polish on, it really makes her look complete, plus it's rare to see her with some on

Anonymous said...

She looks amazing but omg, her shoes! They're way too big for her! Or at least it looks like they are. Poor Emma

Birgit said...

@anon above, Of course her shoes aren't too big for her, you´re supposed to see half of her toes.. *sighs* you honestly think she would wear shoes that are too big? Why would she do that?? Thrust me, Emma's a lot but not poor.
Anyway, I hate the dress!! Everyone seems to like it but I think it's hideous, It wasn't a nice thing to see on my computer after a dreadful boring day, so.. thanks Emma!! haha, I'm only joking. You know, I can somewhere see why people like it, cus it looks good on her and everything and if this is what you like than she must look beautiful but to me..
If this is going to be her style, then I am very VERY disappointed.
Oh, can we still rememberer those lóvely days during the press of HBP..THAT was a good style (in my opinion). The things she's been wearing lately.. This dress is like the best of the worse. I don't like the print for the slightest and the skirt and the top.. nothing really. But she looks like she's having fun so, that's cool.. I guess. heheh.
Sorry for the rant, imagine, I talk even more than I write, I must drive people nuts! haha.

Hermiola said...

woah, amazing post! thanks :D

Anonymous said...

The Pictures with her Dad are quite sad, noone can enjoy these, exept youi are over obsessed with Emma and likes everything, even Things they are making her really sad.

tbh we all know Emma want's a normal Life, but we all also know she doesn't have one and she must do more than to Study to get one and Paparazzis are People who will always make her sad and will let her know she doesn't have a normal Life

Anonymous said...

I love everything about her outfit here, hair, make up, dress, jacket,bag and those shoes!! She looks beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Je ne vois pas Sophie sur les photos.

Anonymous said...

She looks lovely, Head to Toe.

Who is the guy in pics, that are credited to Desmond O'Neil

Eden said...

It's her father.

If you're talking about the ones under it's Miles Kane.

Anonymous said...

Yep...was referring to younger guy!


I have yet to see Sophie in those pics.