September 08, 2011

Emma Watson's French interview with Ramzi Malouki


About Harry Potter:

I'll always keep the first film in my heart. Excuse me this comparison, but it was magic. Being on set for the first time of my life and see how to make a film, it was like being in a whirl! Other than that, I consider the second film as my favourite one because it's during this one that I really began to find my feet. I began to take up the challenge. I felt I was becoming an actress.

Chris Colombus really entirely directed me in the first film. I had never done any filming before. He immediately made us all feel comfortable. He had understood very well that we were children in an univers that we didn't know. Then, with Alfonso Cuaron, I worked with a visionary. Before even starting the filming, he already knew what he wanted visually. He gave to my character a big importance in the movie. Mike Newell, it was more the British touch, very funny, very creative in his way of giving life to this univers. Then there was David Yates. At the beginning, Hermione was a bit of a cariture, a parody of those girls that everybody knows at school. David helped me to create a character a little bit more subtle and complex. It's thanks to him that I really discovered my work method. I realise today that after all those films, after having worked with animals and special effects, I feel like I got my diploma in the hardest cinema school in the world!

About future projects:
I think I've had enough of blockbusters (laughters). I'm going to put this aside for a moment then. I want to work with good directors who have a particular vision. I want to do small films but I'm quite open, I don't have a genre in particular. I'd like to film a rom-com but it should be a little different if I want to go in this direction. I read lots of scripts before finding the one I'll soon film. It's called "Perks of Being a Wallflower". I can't really explain why, but I feel it's the good project. I tell myself that it's by reading a script that one feels the urge to do it. It's actually what I always want to feel. I'm not interested by the quantity. I want to choose my movies, not only my roles. I'm really lucky to be able to do this.

If I find a good project, I would go to do it, anywhere in the world. But for the moment, I like to do films at home, in England. I think there are lots of talented people in my country. With Harry Potter, they also proved we can do big films. But I don't put Hollywood aside, on the contrary. It's in Los Angeles that most of the movies are filmed. If it's necessary, I'll move.

About fashion

[I'm in front of the cameras] Since I'm 12. I did my first red carpet at this age! Since this moment, I do it every year. One makes mistakes and one learns with experience. I remember the beginning, I understood that it's really an art to choose our clothes before a red carpet.

Right now, I like Valentino a lot.

It's hard to define it [her style] because it's very personal. I'm naturally attracted by some things. I'd say that I'm quite classical, even simple. I try to add a little touch of edgy to everything I'm wearing. But I stay inspired by Jean Seberg, Jane Birkin, Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn. I love the style of these icones, and I try to add my own touch.

Yes, it's true [She created her own fashion line]. It's been a while already. Actually, I collaborated with Alberta Ferretti. It was for a particular cause. All the clothes were natural and organic. It was very interesting and exciting to do that on top of my job.

About university

I had to stop for 6 months. I tried to go back and forth between the US and England where we were filming this huge movie, but it was not possible. I'm a human being and I couldn't do both. Leaving Rhode Island and Brown university, filming in England, going back to the US, it was not doable. On top of that, Brown has an academic curriculum very strict that asks full-time studies. I didn't want to do both my activity half. I really wanted to have the maximum from this school but also from the filming. So I put my studies aside for a little moment. I only stopped for 6 months but as I had good grades, I was in advance. So I begin my third year and I'm not even behind. So everything's fine.

In American universities, it's very common to spend the third year outside the US. In my case, I'll study at home, in England.

About environment:

It's a big debate... I think the most important is to make people understand that the Earth's ressources are not unlimited. We can't continue what we're doing. We have to find alternative solutions from oil and sustainable energies. I often hear "it wouldn't change anything if I didn't turn off this light" or "it's too late, it won't change anything". It drives me crazy! If everybody does a little bit, the consequences can be huge! Why have we lost this feeling of having a voice, of having this power to change things? People can change, things can change, WE can change things!

2 films for the rest of her life:

I'd take Giant with Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean. I could watch this movie hundred of times and still admire it. And Notting Hill... This movie makes me happy each time I see it!

Women who inspire her:

As I was telling you, I always look in the past. There's Patti Smith, Joni Mitchell and I love Jane Birkin. She still makes beautiful songs. Et also, I love Michelle Obama, I find her wonderful!

I wanted to make a quick translation but ended up by making a full one, that's why it took time, sorry.


Thaïs said...

Je trouve que c’est une interview intéressante, bien menée.
Je suis contente d'apprendre que son excellence en cours lui permet d'aller en 3ème année sans retard, je me disais qu'elle allait avoir un peu de mal, mais c'est bien pour elle que tout aille bien.

Jackie said...

Thanks for this! It seems like some of this is new, and some is collected from the press conference, doesn't it?

(Just a note: "scenario" is probably actually "script".)

Eden said...

Thanks a lot :D I know I keep making lots of mistakes but people never tell me so I make the same mistakes over and over again XD

Jackie said...

Well, scenario is an English word, and has enough of the same meaning that it seems like a pretty logical translation. Et le mot en francais est "scenario," oui? Donc, c'est un erreur compréhensible.

(As you can see, my French is much worse than your English, so any translation is a good translation)

Anonymous said...

The stuff about university is a load of nonsense, no offense. Everything potter related finished before she would have started her spring semester. Yes, she went back to Europe for sure, but that was for Fashion week. I don't know why she just doesn't fess up to the fact that she dropped because of's kinda obvious. Other than that, interesting read.

Anonymous said...

The french version didn't say anything about Michelle Obama! I almost barfed when I read that :P

Eden said...

Yes, the French version talks about Obama.