September 16, 2011

New miscellaneous pictures of Emma Watson

Source: Oclumencia

Source: Ebay


Tia said...

I'm pretty sure the Ron and Hermione one isn't actually real, but if it is, that's awesome! But it's amazing either way

Eden said...

It is. It's in Oclumencia's banner.

Must_Luv_RonMione said...

It is shown hanging on a wall behind David Yates during an interview.

A) Why did he choose the kiss he chose which was shot at such a horrific angle (the kiss was absolutely beautiful, I can kind of see why he chose the take he chose, but still...)

C) We better see this picture in High Resolution, but better than that...

B) If they don't put all of the numerous kiss takes on the DVD, I can safely say that whoever decides what content should be on all of the DVD's should be castrated.