December 07, 2011

Emma Watson at the Lancôme VIP dinner in Hong Kong

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Credit: AP

Source: Immortalbliss @ TheFashionSpot

Thanks to Sharpay

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Sharpay said...

chris said...

That is a heavy amount of purple lighting at the dinner, good thing the dress looks good in it lol

Emmy said...

Yeah, the dress is lovely. I'm surprised the guests could see the food on their plates in that lighting! T'would probably give me a migraine

Anonymous said...

Her outfit and makeup is marvelous!

Anonymous said...

I can´t wait to see her new ad, the new photoshoot looks perfect! Can´t Wait!

creme de la creme said...

more HQ pics from the launch party and the dinner!

Tia said...

I wonder what they asked her when she said "No, you know I'm not going to answer that!"

Dewoitine d'Emmatisation said...

Bonjour Eden - J'espère que tu vas bien ? Je suis complètement absente pour les news sur Emma.

Mais ce matin, ils ont parlés d'Emma Watson sur BFMTV - Surtout en se moquant des pancartes des micros des journalistes !

Bonne continuation à ton blog !!!!! Bisous

Eden said...

Thanks creme et merci Dew :D

Chris said...

@Tia I read that they asked her about her love life. But since Emma has never talked about it (and I respect the hell out of her for sticking to her guns and trying to keep some things private), it's no surprise she responded that way.