January 29, 2012

Emma Watson and Rouge in Love advertisements

Source: Vogue France february 2012

Be the first to try Lancôme’s new lipstick, Rouge in Love, this weekend at Selfridges London. In the lead up to Valentines Day, claim your free sample of Rouge in Love, plus write and leave a love letter. Lancôme will choose six of the best love letters to feature in the Selfridges Oxford Street windows in February - the perfect way to display your declaration of love.

Featuring up to six hour perfect wear with a featherlight texture, Rouge in Love launches exclusively in the UK at Selfridges from the 1 February.
Source: Selfridges Facebook
Merci Laura


Laura said...

C'est avec plaisir Eden ;)

Anonymous said...

The ad looks great! ;-)

Leviathan said...

According to Google Translate:
"MAKE-UP 24 hours vaporous hues for the morning, to flashy | APR afternoon, dressed for the evening ... Lancome is launching simultaneously two swatches for lips and nails, divided into three coloriels universe, come to match the times of the day. A total of no less than twenty-four shades of lipstick and varnishes for fashionistas Channel-Hoppers. a picture of Emma Watson, the face of the two lines. Rouge Vernis in Love and in Love, Lancome, 25.70 Euros and 16.50 Euros"

Iris said...

Wow, this picture is sooo photoshopped. But unfortunately that's normal for these kind of advertisements.