January 09, 2012

New picture of Emma Watson and Logan Lerman in 'Perks'

I love the picture on the wall (top left).

Source: Collider


Chris said...

Oh, when I saw the group picture a few days ago, I just thought it was a promotional picture. I didn't realize it was an actual scene.

Anonymous said...

The movie's looking really good so far, I really do hope its a hit, or at least I hope that Emma does well in it. In terms of her acting, she ended HP on a very strong note, and Emma got the most praise from critics out of the trio, but everyone's waiting to see how she does outside Harry Potter.

I love her outfit, btw.

patricia said...

Adam, Emma and Erza???
yes or no?
iloveeee Charlie & Sam!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm so excited for this film. It looks really great and has full of promising young actors and actresses.

Serge said...

Love how Emma looking at Logan,and how she dressed up,first photo.