January 05, 2012

New pictures of Emma Watson in 'Perks', 'Marilyn' and more

Source: Twitter

Source: M-W.org

A scan of this picture by Mariano Vivanco in an Asian magazine was already posted but this is a better quality.

Source: Tumblr via Twitter

Petite mention d'Emma dans Super (je doute fort qu'il y ait quelque chose de nouveau).


Anonymous said...

She looks cute in the perks pic; must be at the Christmas party. The only thing is that all of the released pictures make the characters and story seem much more peppy than I thought the book made it out to be. Not enough grunge or plaid.

Anonymous said...

This are no pics ... only very small thumbs ;)

Serge said...

Emma spent the New Year eve with her "Perks" cast,not with boyfriend,friends,or family?

Anonymous said...

They've released one from the movie, right? The one where Emma and Logan are at a library. It doesn't look like a bts pic.