February 22, 2012

New pictures of Emma Watson (candid, Harry Potter, and random)

On Monday:

Source: Pottershots

I thought this mousepad was quite fun, and kind of pretty:

Source: Josieloves

I think the 2 pictures on the right of the picture on the right (is it clear?) are new:

Source: Deeply-Inside | Tumblr


Laura said...

La toute dernière en bas à droite oui mais celle juste au dessus je crois mais n'en suis pas sure

Anonymous said...

Will is wearing his red trousers!

Kristin said...

Thanks for posting the pic!

I love these types of pics. I know they sort of invade her personal privacy, but they're awesome.

Anonymous said...

The pics are great! :-)

Anonymous said...

I instantly recognised Will - because of the red trousers! He really must love those :D

Serge said...

ahh,she lives so a happily life... i envy her even not looking at her money and fame.I'd want to be friend(boyfriend,too) with her even if she would be just another normal girl next door,a neighbor or a classmate in school or uni.

Anonymous said...

Are they sitting in a pub studying or looking at a script. Those red trousers must be will's trademark.


Anonymous said...

The HP pictures are beautiful, but I don't understand how the Potter stars could expect to receive an Oscar. I especially don't like them comparing the HP movies to LOTR. Rowling wrote wonderful books, but I feel, that the movies were churned to quickely into movies without greater reflection of the big picture of the tale and its inner meaning. And I feel this is one of the successes of the LOTR. I'm not downing HP, without these movies we wouldn't have Emma, and she certainly is a grace to the movie industry. I hope she remains true to her given talents and not become brash.

Anonymous said...

I agree anonymous,
I await great things from emma watson. Wish rupert would get an education to further his art and acting.
vote for emma and rupert.

Anonymous said...

Lewis,I agree with you about HP and LOTR, and that we got emma because of HP.Also, rupert could hone his skills and show his potential more polished.


Anonymous said...

ist that middle-aged woman a professor at Oxford? Is she already preparing her studies to be able to hit the bling ring?