February 14, 2012

New pictures of Emma Watson for Rouge in Love + new little bits of French interview

Credit: Lancôme

Spontaneous, fresh, playful, Emma Watson is the ideal ambassador for Rouge In Love. Between the actress, an icon of a generation, and the new it-lipstick by Lancôme, is a true love story.

I am so excited to represent Rouge In Love. Just when I start putting on lipstick, it is a gesture of femininity... the timing is perfect!” say Emma Watson with enthusiasm

And, you just have to see it; it is a real object of desire.

#1 What do you love about it?

It is sufficient by itself. There is no need for a lip pencil, lip balm or anything else for the perfect result. Rouge In Love can be applied in the twinkling of an eye, with incredible ease.”

#2 Her Favourite Colours?

'Rouge In Love', that I like for its tangy side – 'Rose Boudoir', that really makes you look well – and 'Rose Sulfureuse', a revised and modernised classic.

#3 Why does it correspond to her so well?

Because it tells the story ofr a young woman "in love" with life, with her friends, with her freedom... A young woman driven by her passions. Sparkling and colourful!
Thanks a lot to Sarah for the translation :D


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I've got nothing to say. I just always feel bad when nobody comments.

Eden said...

XD That's a nice reason to comment.

Anonymous said...

At least it looks better than the 0 next to the comments button :)

Anonymous said...

would you like a translation, i just translated it?

Eden said...

I was planning to translate it tomorrow but if you already did, then yes please :)

Anonymous said...

shall i post the translation here? or email it to you?

Anonymous said...

ive emailed the translation to you, hope thats alright, went through your link further down the website

Thaïs said...

Uh... Totally uninteresting as she is paid to say that, i absolutely don't believe her XD
(I mean, i believe it's a nice product, but nothing more...)

I like the pictures though, the design of it all

Anonymous said...

I guess I just have to wait for the English translation. I'm Asian and I don't know how to speak French.. :-(

Anonymous said...

she looks like her ex boyfriend johnny simmons in first photo .

Her beau Will looks sweet but i think johnny's better than will for me lol

and about article i dont know french but she looks beutiful and crazy

Anonymous said...

Am I right thinking that she went to a pre-bafta party but didn't attend the ceremony itself> Seems weird to me

Camila said...

She does look like johnny simmons in the first pic....:D

Iris said...

I agree with what Thaïs said..
It's probably a nice product but Emma is getting paid to say these things. She had to memorize and say some sentences, I'm sure.

Chris said...

It's hard to take any celebrity seriously when it comes to product promotion. She may truly and genuinely love the products and her involvement in it, but it's hard to truly believe. But either way, she's getting paid so I don't begrudge her one bit, a girl's gotta work! For the right price I would promote these products and I'm a guy :P