March 04, 2012

New pictures of Emma Watson + New possible event

In July 2010, when she went to Bangladesh with People Tree. Stalkerish, I know.

Credit to Cyworld via baram @ Pottershots

Pour les Frenchies:

About the new event, it might be Fashion Kicks, the 1st May (it's in the calendar).

In the beginning of the year, Fashion Kicks tweeted Emma thanking her for supporting Macmillan Cancer Support. Several tweets followed saying:
Very kind of @EmWatson to tweet about @Fashion_Kicks for @macmillancancer...this event is going to be incredible. Manchester get ready!

@worldcupsusie @emwatson @fashion_kicks @macmillancancer So looking forward to this. Will be the best yet. Not ever. That is next year :-)

You will find out all the details for #fashionkicks 2012 Manchester with @Selfridges here first @Fashion_Kicks ... Jx

Busy day today finalising details for event. So excited to have finalised the @selfridges runway for their amazing fashion show today... Jx

@phil5mith @EmWatson Cant wait to reveal all the details for #fashionkicks 2012 @fashion_kicks J x #makingadifference for @macmillancancer


Chris said...

It would be nice if Emma went to that charity event, she would still be at University when it occurs but she has shown she can juggle multiple things at once during her education.

Anonymous said...

That guy standing beside Emma looks kind of like Matthew Lewis "Neville".

Anonymous said...

I love it when I hear news about her when it comes to charities. She's really generous and kind-heated. :-)

Anonymous said...

She never just puts her name on something without genuine involvement....i hate celebrity endorsement where they get full credit for sitting pretty or just talking about it for few minutes...whatever she does she always gives 100%

Anonymous said...

Lovely and hardworker...couldn't agree more with you anon.whatever she does, she does it with full passion

Anonymous said...

this young woman has true qualities. She is not just ´very beautiful but also smart. It seems that is kind of what she is known for.and yes, she is definately a hard worker. I think she will prove herself as a truly talented actress and whatever else she decides to do.

Anonymous said...

Rupert said that Emma and Matt had a thing. Well here is a pic of Emma and Matt at an Airport together going to Bangladesh. Matt is with her and he's wearing a plaid shirt. He looks very different from the Neville we all know and love but I really think it is him and maybe there was some truth to he and Emma having "a thing". <3