September 29, 2012

New miscellaneous pictures and videos of Emma Watson

Outtake from Mariano Vivanco (2011)

Outtake from Harry Crowder (2011)

ABC Kitchen, NY (20 September)

Opening night of the Off-Broadway play 'If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet' at the Laura Pels Theatre, NY (20 September)

New England Coservatory, Boston (21 September)

Trump International Hotel and Tower


Harry Potter


Anonymous said...

love your site

Anonymous said...

My name is Luisa; I live in germany. We read the book in our Englisch class. We will go to the cinema to watch the film. I can't wait to see how Emma interprets the role of Sam. She is my favorite character.

chris said...

That's prety cool, Luisa. I hope the film is as enjoyable as the book was for you!

Anna said...

I am reading the book this week. I am excited to go see the movie later this month.

Anonymous said...

I live in Osnabrück, we are reading the book in class. We plan to go to cinema in NOvember. My friend is also reading the book in another school in the city. I am on part 2 of the book now. <We have interesting discussions in class- but sometimes <german slips in. Our teacher is a nun. She explains very good. MOst of my classmates don't have trouble reading the book.
I also was a Potter fan. I read them as a child. I am 18 now.