January 07, 2013

Emma Watson studying at NYU during January term

Emma was at New York University from January 7 to January 25. 

There were obviously LOTS of tweets during that time. Thanks to one of them, we know she took the class "Film as literature".

Film as literature:
This course (different every time) introduces students to the specific choices that a director must make to transform the "printed word" into a visual auditory experience. For example, point of view becomes a challenge of camera shots; a described room becomes a matter of lighting, color, and sound; and the sense of time becomes a product of editing, rhythm, music, and splicing. Throughout the course, we pit a director's view against an author's view to examine how the same story may express different agendas, depending on the rendering. Works may include Euripides' Medea (Pasolini), Nabokov's Lolita (Kubrick), Tennessee Williams's A Streetcar Named Desire (Kazan), Paul Schrader's Taxi Driver (Scorsese), Virginia Woolf's Orlando (Potter), and Thomas Hardy's Tess (Polanski). Creative exercises required along with three five-page papers.
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