January 24, 2013

Fan picture of Emma Watson + sneaky picture

21 April 2012, Struck By Lighting Premiere

Credit: Instagram

20 January 2013, New York

Meeting Emma Watson.

This is why I love NYC. So many people pass through here. Its really an amazing thing.
She really is genuinely a nice person. I appreciated her taking a photo with me and my coworkers before she left.

I unfortunately won’t share it on tumblr because she asked us not to,but its really a great memory.

…I never got my Hogwarts letter… OTZ

Questions asked and answered on his tumblr:

That's so cool! Is she as small as everyone says?
She is adorable. I’m not sure what is considered “small”. In my opinion she was just perfect. *_* It took a lot to stay professional since I was working. I was pretty much foaming at the mouth in my mind and I was sure I was going to throw up on my shoes after she complimented them. OTZ

When you met emma, was she by herself or was she with somebody?
She was with Sophie Sumner. It was pretty casual.

When you say you were working when you met her...what do you do? where in nyc did you meet her?
I work at a Japanese organizational store.

Did you meet Emma today? What were you doing working out in the wind?
Yes, I did. I work at a Japanese furniture/organizational store. I was helping her take her bookshelf to the cab we called for her.
Credit: Tumblr

The store was MUJI if some of you are wondering.


Chris said...

It was nice of her to pose for the group picture, but also nice that they've respected her wishes and it hasn't been posted online yet. And I like the story too.

Anonymous said...

Great story! Maybe the bookshelf is for Will...since he's half-japanese haha

Anonymous said...

I'm glad she took a pic with a fan :). My reason is simple i think fans should get a fan pic with her. Even tho it's not her job to do so lol

Anonymous said...

What does OTZ mean?

Eden said...

According to internetslang.com, its definition is "frustation, despair".

coslopus said...

I think that if I got a pic with Emma, and she asked me not to share it, I wouldn't either.

It is nice of her to respect Emma's wishes, but I really want to see the pic.

Anonymous said...

Emma is so genuine. Met her a couple of years ago- very down to earth and just normal.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Eden for explaining what OTZ means :)

Anonymous said...

Is Will half Japanese? I was wondering since he is so tall, and Asian people tend to be smaller. (don't mean this as a slight in any way.)He is a handsome man. She said she doesn't think she will ever date a British man again- well with Will it seems pretty serious. I hope she is happy. I bet they would have beautiful children.