January 16, 2013

Sneaky pictures of Emma Watson

Early 2010 (I guess)

Source: kelseylatham

2011 with Johnny (I guess, once again)

Source: shelbyjchase

27 December 2012 at Carluccio's, London

Source: Verbidan

12 January 2013 in New York with Will

Source: mengi92


Anna said...

Oh Eden, you are killing us! Days without new items and now all of it at once. It's almost too much! :)

LAURA said...

The pictures were already posted on other websites for days/weeks Anna ;)

Anna said...

Yes, that may be... But i cannot check out all websites. I come here. Thank you, Eden. I didn't mean to complain, that's why I wrote 'almost' . :)

Anonymous said...

The relationship with Will is holding. He seems good for Emma.

Anonymous said...

He even gave her his jacket.