February 24, 2013

Emma Watson at pre-Oscar parties [February 22-24, 2013]

It's been a busy weekend for Emma. She went to at least 3 Oscar parties, and succeeded not to have her picture taken at any (besides the two ones of her getting ready). Or she was photographed and we haven't seen any picture.

Here's her schedule:

On Friday night (February 22):

"No pressure ..sometimes it's too easy." - RozBeauty

WME Party (She was listed among many others by Deadline)

On Saturday night (February 23):

"Emma is an excellent makeup artist." - RozBeauty

Jeffrey Katzenberg’s ‘Night Before’ Oscar MPTF Fundraiser (Listed by Deadline)

Pre-Oscar's Party at The Chateau Marmont (Spotted by several people)
  • Emma Watson was one of the last to arrive and was seen having fun with her friends near the DJ booth. - Grazia
  • At the bar they run into Emma Watson who is asking for a "Django" - a drink with coconut and mint, that Grey Goose Vodka created for the occasion, and surprise!, Emma is not alone. But this time her "date" is not a man of unknown identity, but the winner of 'America's Next Top Model', Sophie Sumner. Who would have thought they were friends? - Quien
  • 12:05 a.m.: Emma Watson makes her way into the Chateau Marmont party, wearing dark makeup and a sophisticated side bun . - Hollywood Reporter

On Sunday night (February 24):

Elton John Party (Listed by Aufeminin, but it's not a very reliable source, so let's consider this as a rumour)

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