March 15, 2013

Emma Watson: "On set, the makeup ladies were like my surrogate mothers"


“Growing up on a film set, the makeup ladies were like my surrogate mothers,” jokes Emma Watson, who now as a proper adult is the face of LancĂ´me’s new In Love collection of colorful cosmetics. Inspired by spring florals and Parisian romance, the line is filled with poppy hues for the eyes, cheeks, nails, and lips. Kohl liners come in cool shades of deepwater blue and jade crush, while the neon translucent lip balms are among Watson’s favorites. “All four of the colors are really easy to wear,” she says. “And since I’m very pale, I’m a big blusher girl. The nice thing is that you can wear it all over your face, almost like a powder, and it makes you look healthy!” Listen to the pro. She knows of what she speaks.

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