September 21, 2014

Emma Watson is officially part of Daniel Chazelle's La La Land, and Florian Gallenberger's Colonia Dignidad

Some of you might tell me that we know about La La Land since the beginning of the month, but according to the article I had read, Miles Teller (confirmed for the main role) hadn't been quoted as saying Emma was in the movie with him, that was coming from the journalist. BUT this time, we have an actual quote of Teller:

“Next summer is Legion. The summer after is the next Fantastic Four and then the next Legion. And I know I’m doing – the director of Whiplash, Damien – I know I’m doing his next film in March. Me and Emma Watson. And then, hopefully I can do something in the fall”
Source: Bustle

The next movie, Colonia Dignidad, is confirmed by Emma's makeup artist. She posted on her website, in her CV:
Colonia Dignidad - Personal Hair and Makeup Artist to Emma Watson - Present
"Present" meaning she must be currently filming it (between her UN Women commitments), or maybe she already did her part if her role's small.

The movie's supposed to be filmed in Luxembourg, Germany, and Argentina.
Source: Pottershots


Anonymous said...

google translate it!

Anonymous said...

Je pense que son role est petit car quand tu vas sur la page du distributeur du film t'a le nom de deux autres acteurs en principaux.

Anonymous said...

The ''PRESENT'' is because Emmma filmed some scenes with the people of the casting call when she was in chile and probably argentina.