October 30, 2014

Emma Watson is the cover star of Elle UK December "Feminism" issue


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Subscriber's cover:


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Source: Pottershots, ElleUK, EmmaWatsonDaily

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Jonathan Andrew Sheen said...

Amusing reading the early section of this article, in which the author lamenting the modern state of feminism by scolding various girls and women who are doing feminism WRONG!!!! If she wants to know why so many women reject the label "feminist," she need look no further than her own attitudes.

Emma, refreshingly, offers no such ill-considered judgmentalism. She gets it: that feminism is about women being able to choose to define themselves as they like, not be judged or shamed by others who would dictate their choices.

Those BTS photos are pretty clearly vid-caps. I can't wait to see that BTS video!