October 27, 2014

More little news about Gallenberger's "Colonia", starring Emma Watson

4 little news about the filming locations, the last day, and the film release:

  • The movie is currently filming in Berlin, Germany, without Emma. x
  • The filming will continue in Argentina in a few days. x
  • The filming will finish on December 12, 2014. x
  • The movie will be released in October 2015. x


Anonymous said...

Hi Eden! Where did you get the info that Emma would be filming specifically in Argentina in a few days? I checked the news but it says South America.
(Asking because I'm from there. A friend and I are very excited but don't want to get our hopes up, haha)

Eden said...

All the sources mentioned Luxembourg, Germany, and Argentina as the places where the filming will take place. No other country in South America has ever been mentioned :)