October 05, 2014

New outtake picture of Emma Watson for her Schoeller photoshoot in 2010

From the photographer:
I wanted to recreate a backstage feel with Emma Watson, who is young and light-hearted and spontaneous, wearing a huge dress in an industrial space. I borrowed the kitchen from an events catering company in New York and at the last minute I added the teapot and the teacup to emphasise Emma’s Englishness. She’s no diva, there were no antics, she was up for anything and when I suggested having a cup of tea, she just laughed and said: ‘I’m British, of course I drink tea.’ You can tell from that cute little smile that she was happy with it.


Jonathan Andrew Sheen said...

What a lovely shot and a wonderful, playful expression!

GoldenGemster said...

I really did like her short hair cut it gave her a sort of roguish look.