November 26, 2014

New picture of Emma Watson for Elle US 2014

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There are apparently 900 pictures of this shoot.


Jonathan Andrew Sheen said...

Full vandalized pictures of Emma, advertising a web site that didn't take the pictures and isn't responsible for them.

What a shame.

Eden said...

She bought those pictures. I never did so I don't know what the conditions are, but if she was doing something against the rules, I doubt they would continue to sell them to her.

Sheila said...

What a bloody b...
At least she could do it in a corner so that you could use the pics for making wallpapers etc.
Where has the time gone when you could have untagged pics everywhere and everyone was nice to each other?!
Where can one buy those pics anyway?

Eden said...

She already tried the tag band at the bottom, the tag on the face, but people still took the pictures and edited them to take the tags out, and didn't mention her as their source. If I was spending my money for pictures and people were being completely disrespectful, I would put an even bigger tag, right across Emma's face XD, so I think people should just be happy someone is willing to spend their money for us to see those pictures. She doesn't have to do it.

The pictures come from an agency on the internet. I think you have to have an account to see them. I don't have one.

Jonathan Andrew Sheen said...

She claims she pays for them. I haven't seen any evidence to back that up. I have seen her lie about the pictures and the tags.

It's important to bear in mind that not all photographers' pictures will be available through any one given agency. I'm pretty sure these were made available, free of charge and without tags, by Elle Magazine. But she gives the pictures her treatment anyway.