November 14, 2014

New picture of Emma Watson with Dobermans on set of 'Colonia'

Source: Pottershots


Anonymous said...

emma as beautiful as ever. I am truly looking forward to this movie. The content of this film should force her out of her comfort zone and help her reach a new avenue of her acting career.
I wish you the best Emma.
BUT, I am really waiting for Queen of Tearling. La La Land should be fun.

Jonathan Andrew Sheen said...

Nice to see Emma posing with a couple of fellas almost attractive enough to deserve to be seen with her.

Seriously, it's a nice touch for her to pose in such a friendly way with the Dobies who will doubtless be playing "villains" in the movie. It's a thoughtful reminder that movie dogs, like human actors, are almost always nicer than the roles they play.