January 13, 2015

New pictures of Emma Watson in 'Harry Potter', and filming 'Colonia' in Argentina

This is not a new picture, but the fact that it's good quality, is. I think it's from OoTP, but some think it's HBP:


That was on December 11, 2014:

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GoldenGemster said...

Thanks for keeping us updated Eden - news on Emma seems very sparse these days which is a bit sad although probably understandable from her point of view. :)

Eden said...

With Emma I feel like it's either a news desert or or a news tsunami XD

GoldenGemster said...

I agree and at the moment it's a desert. I don't expect her life story or any intimate photos but I do think she should feed her many fans something. Over Christmas and New Year there were no good wishes to them. I can only admire them for their loyalty.