April 12, 2015

David Heyman talks about Emma Watson and 'The Queen of the Tearling'

Fantastic Beasts is just one of the plates David Heyman is currently spinning. From Derek Cianfrance's Michael Fassbender-starring drama The Light Between Oceans, to fairytale-riffing comic-book adap Fables to a potential Paddington sequel, he's certainly keeping himself busy. 

And then there's The Queen Of The Tearling: a fantasy novel adaptation billed as a sort or YA Game Of Thrones, which sees him reteaming with Potter alumnus Emma Watson both as star and first-time producer. 

"There's a lot of trust," Heyman explains of how their new partnership is working. "She's very communicative and she has thoughts about the script - I think we're on a third draft. She's strong-minded and has opinions but she's not arrogant, and she's eager to learn what she doesn't know. I'm very fond of her and I wouldn't have gone into it if I didn't think we could do something great."


Anonymous said...

Great Mr Heyman.
A young person needs a good mentor, and I think this working relationship is ideal. You know her since she was 9 years old. I am really looking forward to this project even if she does not end up acting in it. I say this Kelsea is 19 and Emma will be 25 this month. She looks young, but she no longer looks a mere 19 either.

GoldenGemster said...

I think David Heyman and Emma Watson have already proven to be a winning team and I am so looking forward to seeing Queen of Tearlings take shape. I think the second book is coming out in June this year.

Anonymous said...

I live in Germany, but I will order the 2nd book. I am also looking forward to this collaboration.

Anonymous said...

Mr Heyman,
wouldn't Rup Grint make a good red headed queen's guard. Just a thought, since there is such in the book.

Anonymous said...

Yes I'm really looking forward to this movie since I really enjoyed reading the first two books. This movie will turn out as brilliant since Emma is going to star as Kelsea ❤