April 26, 2015

Emma Watson will start filming 'The Queen of the Tearling' in 2016

The agency representing Emma in the UK posted on their website that she'll start the shooting in 2016, after 'Beauty and the Beast'.

Emma is set to begin filming the live-action version of Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST where she play the iconic role of Belle. She will starring opposite Dan Stevens, Luke Evans and Emma Thompson. The film will be released in 2016. 
Following this, Emma will play ‘Kelsea Glynn ‘in the film adaptation of THE QUEEN OF THE TEARLING, Erika Johansen’s page-turner of a novel about a young woman raised by foster parents in a cottage hidden away in a remote forest. On her 19th birthday, Kelsea is removed from her home to take her rightful place as sovereign of a fictional post-utopian country that hides dark secrets and is menaced by a neighbouring monarch. The screenplay for THE QUEEN OF THE TEARLING has been written by Mark L. Smith. David Heyman will be producing the film and Emma will also serve as an executive producer. David and Emma worked together on all the Harry Potter films. The producer snapped up the rights to J. K. Rowling’s Potter series very early, before publication; and he and Warner Bros have done the same thing with the Tearling trilogy. Filming is due to commence in 2016.
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Thaïs said...

Great news !! That's good to have "official dates", like we now what we are expecting.

Anonymous said...

I am truly looking forward to this film. I am interested in the fact that she is also on the producing team and takin on the lead role. There are many utopia books and films out there, but so far none have the quality of Lois Lowry's the Give. The Queen of Tearling is well-written, and Kelsea reminds me of a young Elizabeth Tudor. I have seen that opinion mentioned a couple of times. I think that is interesting.I hope Kelea is able to be intelligent with a human message that makes us think about who we are. Books have been boring in that way. Often well written when thinking of sentence structure but no character much less real personality. I hope Queen of Tearling develops stronger in that. But I considered the first book an interesting read.