April 01, 2015

Poll results

Poll's closed.

Following the majority's wishes, I will be updating the Emma's favourites page next.

I haven't updated it in a few years, so needless to say, it's going to take some time.

I also want to give you the reason it wasn't updated. I had to go through more than 10 years of interviews to create this page. It took me months of work, and obviously some people thought it would be okay to just copy and paste it into their blogs without saying where they got it. Kind of destroyed my motivation to continue it.

I won't be asking you to track down who used it without crediting me, but if you ever happen to find a similar list on another blog/website, please contact me (leave a comment here, tweet me, message me on Tumblr, whatever) so I can ask them to either remove it or credit me.

Thank you very much :D

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